What is another word for work?

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Activity one engages in to make a living
“My work is as a project manager for a large company.”
The activity for which a person or thing is employed to perform
“Analyzing the incoming data is the main part of my work.”
Effort expended on a particular task
“It's going to take a lot of work to finish building this house.”
Product or achievement resulting from effort put in
“The breakthrough had been the work of a group of brilliant scientists.”
A literary, musical, or artistic production
“The esteemed artist produced a work of pure brilliance with his latest painting.”
Performing a task as part of one's employment
“I work as a ranger at the local national park.”
To exert oneself for a particular purpose
“I had to work late into the night to complete my report before the deadline.”
To function with a specific purpose
“The lungs work as the respiratory system in humans and many other animals.”
To produce as a result of effort
“Cutting calories can work wonders for weight loss.”
To be successful
“I am confident this plan of action will work.”
To operate a device or machinery
“Could somebody show me how to work the coffee machine?”
To be in working condition
“My broken computer will work again after I send it in for repairs.”
To produce a desired effect
“Allow the medication about an hour to work.”
To bring into a heightened emotional state
“The gregarious politician would work the crowd into a frenzy during his rallies.”
To effect by gradual degrees
“I had to work my way through the large crowds.”
To shape or form a given material
“The baker would work the dough thoroughly to soften it.”
The application of the mind to learning and understanding a subject
“Mastering a second language requires a lot of work and commitment.”
(farming) To cultivate soil
“The farmers prepared to work the vast expanses of land to grow crops.”
To arrange or contrive
“The political consultant was prepared to work it in order to get his candidate elected.”
To move in an agitated manner
“Jane's left eyelid would work furiously due to her nervousness.”
To arrive at an answer through logic
“I had to think long and hard before figuring out how to work this puzzle.”
The place at which one performs work
“I was in a rush trying to get home and left my suitcase at work.”
To provide for, usually for one's family
“He felt it was now his job to work for his family.”
To cause someone to work, usually hard
“The coach would work his players hard during practice.”
To take unfair advantage of
“She would work her famous husband's name to get ahead.”
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