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Easy to understand
“The accompanying manual provides clear instructions on how to operate our new microwave.”
Free from ambiguity
“He made it clear to his mother that he did not like Brussels sprouts.”
Very specific or precise
“You have been given one clear task to complete, so make it happen!”
To be in certain in one's mind
“Let's be clear about what he meant before jumping to conclusions.”
Transparent or unclouded
“The clear blue waters of the hidden lagoon were unblemished by human interference.”
To stand out from being far superior to one's peers
“The Spurs were the clear champions after sweeping the Cavaliers in the 2006-2007 NBA Finals.”
Free of cloud, mist, or rain
“The dark clouds had departed and the day was now as clear as they had hoped for.”
Without defects or blemishes, including freckles or knots
“She had a clear complexion from washing her face twice daily to remove impurities.”
(of a sound or voice) Audibly distinct
“His voice was clear as he sat on the passenger side of his best friend's car trying to holler at her.”
Open and unimpeded by
“In the early hours of the morning, the city's usually busy streets would be eerily clear.”
Free of something undesirable
“My body is clear of toxins because I drink a glass of ginger juice everyday which cleanses my system.”
(of one's conscience) Free of guilt
“I have a clear conscience because everything that I did was justified.”
Complete or full
“We will require two clear days' notice to be able to schedule an appointment.”
Giving off or reflecting light
“As it heated he held his hands close to the clear flame, and worked his knuckles loose.”
Visibly noticeable
“We looked yonder and it was clear that there was a cow happily grazing in the paddock.”
Having the ability to perceive clearly
“He approached the issue with a clear and unprejudiced mind.”
(of the weather) To become brighter
“The gloomy skies should clear tomorrow and the sun will shine upon us again.”
To gradually go away or disappear
“Your cold and stuffy nose should clear after a few days of rest.”
To remove unwanted items from
“Please ask the waiter to clear these dishes from our table as we have finished our meal.”
To rid an area of obstructions
“The early settlers would clear the land for farming.”
To empty a given space
“At the end of your lease, you must clear the apartment of all of your personal belongings before you leave.”
To cause people to leave a building or place
“We will be having an emergency drill later today and everyone will be required to clear the building.”
To pay off one's debts
“I sold my precious car to help clear a significant portion of my credit card debt.”
To physically get or pass over something
“Sage would clear the hurdles with ease on her way to winning the race over 400 metres.”
To remove from suspicion
“We have some new evidence that will clear the suspect of any wrongdoing.”
To provide an authorization or clearance to
“On your first day of employment, management will clear your access to our top secret laboratories.”
To earn a profit of
“At its peak, his business would clear hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit annually.”
To remove impurities from
“We can clear this murky water by passing it through a filter.”
To unclog something tubular or cylindrical
“You could try using a plunger to clear your clogged pipes.”
(clear up) To cause to be clear from ambiguity
“We need to clear up what the exact cause of the issue is.”
(clear of) So as to be out of the way of or away from
“Stand clear of the automatic doors as they are closing if you do not want to hurt yourself.”
In a manner that is clear and intelligible
“The politician spoke firmly and clear about his vision for the country.”
All the way
“The dog jumped clear over the fence.”
(especially of a title) Free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law
“I have a clear title to this property.”
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