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Extending far down
“On the left side of the trail was a deep ravine, dropping abruptly from the roadbed.”
(sometimes figuratively) Voluminous in nature
“Perhaps somebody with deep pockets can help me get out of this financial mess I'm in.”
Extending far back
“The shelves of the bookcase were quite deep, ideal for storing large encyclopedias.”
(of an emotion or feeling) Intensely felt
“Strasberg realized that Marilyn's sweetness masked a deep rage, and he worked with her to unpack her emotions.”
Significant in degree or intensity
“His decision to quit as director was a deep blow to the company.”
Profound in awareness or understanding
“Scott was a deep thinker who believed he had found the secret to succeeding even in the face of failure.”
(deep in, of a state or activity) Fully absorbed or involved in
“He lay in his bed, deep in thought, pondering the future that was to come.”
Difficult to comprehend
“If you're willing to go down the rabbit hole, you'll unearth some deep issues lurking within this organization.”
Having a veiled or uncertain meaning
“The lyrics in this song are so deep and open to interpretation.”
Having considerable reach
“It is imperative that you understand that the decisions you make will have deep consequences.”
(of sound or voice) Low in pitch and full in tone
“Barry used his deep voice to convince his girlfriend that he couldn't get enough of her love.”
(of colour) Dark and highly saturated
“The company's website uses deep shades of blue to represent trust and confidence.”
Located out of sight
Deep within the town's Department of Energy laboratory, scientists were conducting bizarre experiments.”
(of a measurement) In depth
“The far end of the pool is approximately twelve feet deep.”
Far away in time
“Christina explored her deep past and realized that Brad had wronged her.”
To a great depth
“The sea otter will sometimes dig deep into underwater mud for clams.”
A great distance inside something that encompasses
“Arthur Morgan ventured deep into the dark cave in search of the white cougar.”
To an advanced time
“It was their last day in town, and they were determined to party deep into the night.”
(the deep) The midst or depth of something
“The scene takes place on sparsely-decorated sets bisected by shadows, or in the deep of the night, lost in the city primeval.”
(the deep) The extremities of a body of water
“The elusive and mysterious giant squid lurks below in the deep.”
An immeasurable depth or space
“Houston, we have received a message from the deep of outer space.”
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