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Of superior quality
“It was a seriously fine feast, and all sourced from the island's astonishing natural larder.”
(of the weather) Cloudless and sunny
“We should take advantage of the fine weather and head to the beach.”
(of a material or fabric) Very thin, fine, and almost transparent
“They made garments from extravagant materials such as cashmere, chenille, mohair, and fine silk blends.”
(of something abstract) Perceived only with attention to detail or subtlety
“There is a fine distinction between being genuinely articulate and word salad.”
Good or satisfactory
“I think that these are all fine reasons to practice yoga.”
Worthy of or eliciting admiration
“Our company is always on the lookout for fine young professionals to join our team.”
Physically pleasing in appearance
“How could she look so fine? How could it be she might be mine?”
In good health and feeling well
“I am feeling fine after recovering from my recent cold.”
Imposing or impressive in appearance
“Whether he was in a fine mansion, or in a dingy prison cell, he always made the best of his circumstances.”
Able to sense slight impressions or differences
“Her fine sense of the comic permits the novel to approach a kind of high seriousness.”
Being of less than usual width
“Colley draws his characters with fine lines, conveying the personalities of each individual through illustration.”
Terminating in a point or edge
“On the outer edges of the sword was shining steel, sharpened to a fine point.”
Made or consisting of small particles
“The fine grains are also perfect for smooth, almost soupy polenta.”
Of a size that is less than average
“You should have read the fine print before purchasing this lemon.”
Having or showing the qualities associated with high society
“We enjoy splurging on some fine dining every now and then.”
Expensive or having a high value
“She revealed that she had a taste for fine jewelry and he realized that his little liaison could turn out to be a rather costly escapade.”
Of delicate or intricate workmanship or structure
“Beneath it lay more men's clothes, including linen tunics of fine weave and workmanship.”
Easily broken or destroyed
“The elders asked the little ones to be very careful with the fine china tea cups and saucers.”
Displaying a refined a discriminating quality
“You need to possess an demonstrable fine taste in wines to become a sommelier.”
Free from added matter
“Several tracts of the rehabilitated land were being targeted by artisanal miners in search of fine gold.”
Having a considerable amount of skill
“He is undoubtedly a fine musician.”
meeting the highest standard of accuracy
“Our software allows you to make fine adjustments to the hue, saturation, and luminescence of your image.”
A sum of money exacted as a penalty by a court of law or other authority
“I had to pay a significant fine for double-parking.”
In a good or satisfactory way
“Everything is going to work out fine.”
To establish or apply as a charge or penalty
“The court is able to fine these people for their misdemeanors.”
To make or become thinner
“We can fine it right down to the desired shape.”
To remove usually visible impurities from
“We fine the wine with egg extracts, so are we to put that on the label?”
Used to express agreement
Fine. Do it your way.”
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