What is another word for do?

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To perform or execute an action
“So what do we have to do to fix this issue?”
To accomplish or cause something to happen
“My hope is that by reporting on bad behavior like this, I can do some good.”
To complete a task
“Enough talk. Let's do it!”
(countable) To achieve something
“I can currently do five chin-ups at a time.”
To be suitable or acceptable
“I am currently wearing a long dress and striped shirt, which won't do for the party.”
To work out or resolve
“They would watch videos, read books and do puzzles.”
To conduct oneself in a particular way
“They are free to do as they please.”
To make a trip to or visit
“We have done most countries in Europe, and now we are planning to do South America.”
To provide or make accommodations for
“Many hotels don't do single rooms at all.”
To decorate or make more attractive
“After we have decorated the master bedroom, we will do the nursery.”
To study or to undertake an academic course
“I will do my post-graduate the following year after I graduate.”
To fare or perform, either well or badly
“I performed poorly in this tournament, but I will do much better next time.”
To scam or defraud
“The scoundrel would do the poor old couple out of their life savings by pretending to be a Nigerian prince.”
To make an arrangement or preparation
“If you get home early, can you do dinner, please?”
To attend to one's appearance, typically one's hair
“Her maid would dress her and then do her hair.”
To put on a presentation of
“The local theater will do a stage adaptation of King Kong next month.”
To perform a show or in a show
“I will do a couple of tours around Europe with the band, and then I will be done for the year.”
(a favor) To impart gratuitously
“Would you be so kind as to do me a favor?”
To work or study post-secondary education
“I keep asking him what he is going to do when he leaves school and he just keeps saying that all he wants to do is play football.”
(quantified) To reach a particular speed, amount or rate
“Sammy was always complaining that he couldn't do 55 miles per hour on the highway.”
To execute an impersonation of
“The crowd begged the comedian to do Sylvester Stallone again.”
To target and strike someone
“The scoundrels plotted to do him and take his money.”
A party or other social event
“We were invited to an animal-themed do at his housing estate.”
(dos and don'ts) A list of instructions that must be strictly adhered to
“We were provided a long list of dos and don'ts that we had to agree to as part of the contract.”
A presentation of how hair is styled
“The permed do was every popular in the 1980s.”
(archaic) One's commitment to a particular task
“In this time of crisis, everyone must do their do.”
(archaic, dialectal) An instance of confusion, bother, or argument
“In a small town like this, a great deal of do can arise from the littlest deeds.”
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