What is another word for hold?

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To physically grip or grasp something
“Could you please hold my bag for me while I unlock the door?”
To be in possession of
“I currently hold a license that allows me to operate boats.”
To have as an opinion
“Many of us would hold that the future of our business looked bright.”
To be able to bear or support
“My travel bag is built using material than can hold a significant amount of weight.”
To make or have room for
“The elevator can only hold a maximum of fifteen people.”
(of a meeting, function, etc.) To conduct or organize
“Let's hold a meeting to discuss this issue.”
To keep going
“A magical ordination of all physical things seemed to bless his choices as his luck continued to hold.”
To keep from exceeding an acceptable degree or level
“We managed to hold our laughter at his antics until after he had left the room.”
To embrace by holding closely
“I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again.”
To keep in one's mind
“I will always hold her close to my heart.”
To keep under custody
“Police are allowed to hold a suspect for up to 24 hours without charge.”
To maintain the focus or attention of others
“You will need to come up with something that will hold the audience's attention for a while.”
To have as one's role or occupation
“Matthew would hold the position of chief executive at the company until his retirement.”
To point or turn (something) toward a target or goal
“Just hold your camera in the direction of the subject and snap away.”
To be, or to remain, valid or available
“Does this gift voucher still hold, or has it already expired?”
(of a phone conversation) To stay on the line
“Please hold while I transfer you to the appropriate department.”
Power or control
“The leader's hold on the country would grow increasingly tenuous as tensions in the populace mounted.”
A way of holding something or the act of holding it
“I loosened my hold on his arm and turned him around to face me.”
A solid grip with one's feet
“The slope was getting increasingly steep and our shoes were starting to lose their hold.”
Control over dominion over something
“Militants tightened their hold on tribal regions after the attacks.”
(hold of) The knowledge gained from understanding or knowing something
“We need to get a hold of the situation before things spiral out of control.”
(hold of) The state or fact of being able to exchange information
“He was in a remote location and I was not able to get hold of him.”
An area where items are stored
“When there isn't enough space, your carry-on baggage will be moved to the hold of the airplane.”
A structure or place from which one can resist attack
“The explorers would find themselves within the ruins of an ancient Roman hold.”
A place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody
“Andy Dufresne refused to lie in that godforsaken hold for the remainder of his life.”
The state of being held in lawful custody
“The suspect was apprehended at the airport and put in hold at an undisclosed location.”
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