What is another word for right?

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Morally good, justified, or acceptable
“They are confronted with the choice between what is morally right and hypocrisy justified in the name of pragmatism.”
Being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard
“Looking back I suppose it was quite comical, we must have looked like a right old married couple.”
Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation
“You have come at just the right moment.”
True or correct as a fact
“He won a million dollars after giving the right answer to the final question in the game show.”
Carefully aware of the circumstances
“The politician was very skilled and said all the right things at the right time.”
Best or most appropriate for a particular situation
“The widow, who was 56 at the time, had been on plenty of dates but she still hadn't met the right man.”
In good health
“I'm not feeling right. I think I need a nap.”
Able to think clearly
“He is clearly not quite right in the head.”
Conservative politically
“He sprouted talking points that were mostly right politically.”
Placed or located to the right side
“Grab the right lever and pull it.”
(archaic) Free from irregularities or digressions in course
“The map consisted of a grid with right lines.”
As stated or indicated without the slightest difference
“The candle had burned right down.”
Marked by moral or proper behavior
“My conscience is clear because I did everything right.”
To good or favourable advantage
“Not to worry. Things will turn out right in the end.”
Without delay
“Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.”
In a correct manner
“Am I doing this right? Please tell me if I need to correct myself.”
In the appropriate manner
“My manager always checks my work to make sure that I've done everything right.”
Exactly or precisely
“The funnel stands upright from the superstructure, with a pair of ventilators right behind it.”
(dialectal) To a great degree
“That was a right silly thing to say at that moment!”
(right on) In a straight line
“Keep going right on until you reach the intersection.”
A moral or legal entitlement to have or do something
“The educated have the right to vote, but they don't exercise it.”
That which is morally correct, just, or honourable
“At times, we need to be stern and to teach them right from wrong.”
Restore to a normal or correct state
“Ralph was hopeful that his explanation and apology would be enough to right the wrongdoings of his past.”
Restore to a normal or upright position
“It fell back down to the ground and immediately began to right itself again.”
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