What is another word for high?

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Significant in elevation
“The view from the summit of the high mountain was spectacular.”
In the sky or in the air
“Catching the high ball is a very useful skill for the full back and wings in the game of rugby.”
Great in rank or status
“He was promoted to a high position in government and set about pushing for the policies he advocated to be enacted.”
Great in importance or urgency
“This matter is of a high priority and requires your immediate attention.”
Morally or ethically superior
“Despite pressure from his detractors, he remained committed to his high principles.”
Great, or greater than normal, in quantity or size
“He began to consume high amounts of carbohydrates in preparation for his upcoming marathon.”
Great, or greater than normal, in price
“The price of bananas are high right now due to a reduction in supply.”
Superior in quality or caliber
“Our latest product will have to be of a high standard before we release it to the public.”
Great, or greater than normal, in intensity
“We are expecting heavy rain and high winds tomorrow afternoon.”
(of a lifestyle) Luxurious and extravagant in nature
“He won the lottery and lived the high life thereafter.”
Very favorable
“His outstanding performance drew high praise from everyone.”
(of a sound or note) Having a frequency at the upper end of the auditory range
“Michael underwent nose surgery so he could sing high notes.”
A state of elation
“His spirits were high after he secured his dream job.”
(technology, electronics) Advanced in development
“The city aims to diversify the region's economy away from heavy industry into high technology.”
Lofty, to the point of being arrogant
“His constant high tone of voice was an irritation to those who knew him.”
(somewhat informal) Feeling euphoric, typically from the effects of narcotics or alcohol
“I was going to clean my room until I got high.”
(of food, meat) Strong-smelling, slightly spoiled and beginning to decompose
“Epicures prefer to have game cooked only once it is high.”
A high point or position
“Fuel taxes were at an all-time high and the citizens were furious.”
A point of success or achievement
“Winning the gold medal at the Olympics was the high of his sporting career.”
(a high) A period of euphoria
“Billy experienced a high when Monique agreed to go on a date with him.”
The expanse of air surrounding the earth
“A stork appeared on high, perhaps a sign of good things to come.”
At an elevated position
“We spotted an eagle soaring high above the forest's canopy.”
In a luxurious manner
“He chose to live high everyday, as if there was no tomorrow.”
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