What is another word for heavy?

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(of a physical object) Possessing great weight
“Our suitcase was very heavy once we had finished packing for our trip.”
(of people or animals) Overweight or fat
“He was now a heavy man after years of indulging wantonly in food.”
With force
“The exuberant children delivered several heavy blows to the pinata.”
Requiring significant physical exertion
“Gardening is heavy, yet satisfying, work.”
Mentally oppressive or hard to endure
“The collapse of his business proved to be a heavy burden on his mind and spirit.”
Of substantial density
“The skies were filled ominous and heavy clouds.”
(of rain) Falling with force
“The weather forecast predicts heavy rain tomorrow.”
Having a subject matter of importance
“Doc, I have a heavy matter I need to discuss with you about the future.”
Having great power or influence
“It will be a concert that brings together almost every heavy hitter in the field of modern hip-hop.”
Containing perceptible moisture
“I grew up in Florida, where it is miserably hot and heavy, and you get sweaty walking from your house to the car.”
Having a muddy or sticky consistency
“A few buckets of well-rotted compost will help to lighten heavy soil.”
Large in size, amount, or intensity
“The banks have suffered heavy losses from subsidizing state-run enterprises and bad loans.”
(of the elements) Violently disturbed or agitated
“The skipper skillfully negotiated the heavy seas until the rough weather had passed.”
Extreme in intensity
“The heavy fighting in the streets and the resulting fires destroyed much of the city.”
(of an activity) Excessive in nature
“Always a heavy drinker, she had stopped almost entirely in order to nurse James through his illness.”
(of food) Very filling or hard to digest
“Johnny's tummy was bloated after eating a very heavy dinner.”
(heavy on) Consisting of or using a lot of
“Indian food is heavy on chilies and exotic spices.”
Feeling sluggish or slow
“He was exhausted and his legs were heavy after running the marathon.”
Filled with sadness or melancholy
“It is with a heavy heart that I must now say goodbye to you.”
(of a literary work) Overly serious or difficult
“The author's latest works were dull and heavy, failing to arouse interest among readers.”
(predicative) Weighed down with something
“The crates were heavy with products due for export.”
Having a quantity or amount that is generous or plentiful
“The favorable conditions have produced a heavy crop of strawberries this year.”
Indelicate or coarse
“Never one for preamble, Vaughn's heavy features were hawklike with concentration.”
(of sleep) Deep and complete
“After a hard day at work, he crashed into his bed and fell into a heavy sleep.”
A villain or bad guy
“The actor had found a niche by typically playing the heavy in each of his roles.”
A person in charge of security
“The heavy would eject the drunken patron from the establishment.”
A person of high status or importance
“Quincy was a heavy of the music industry for many years during the 80s.”
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