What is the opposite of heavy?

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(of a physical object) Opposite for possessing great weight
“Our suitcase was very light once we emptied it after returning from our trip.”
(of people or animals) Opposite for overweight or fat
“He was now a skinny man after months of depriving himself of food.”
Opposite for with force
“The pinata would fail to break after a few soft blows from the children.”
Opposite for requiring significant physical exertion
“She found being a dog walker to be easy, yet satisfying, work.”
Opposite for mentally oppressive or hard to endure
“The success of his business proved to be an uplifting blessing on his mind and spirit.”
Opposite for of substantial density
“The skies were clear and filled with wispy clouds.”
(of rain) Opposite for falling with force
“The weather forecast predicts light rain tomorrow.”
Opposite for having a subject matter of importance
“This is a minor matter which we can ignore for now.”
Opposite for having great power or influence
“It will be a concert that brings together a group of unknown talent in the field of modern hip-hop.”
Opposite for containing perceptible moisture
“It is an arid climate with a few registered inches of rainfall in a normal year.”
Opposite for having a muddy or sticky consistency
“The most suitable land for vanilla is gently sloping with light friable soil.”
Opposite for large in size, amount, or intensity
“The banks have suffered inconsequential losses from investing in a few small businesses.”
(of the elements) Opposite for violently disturbed or agitated
“The rough weather had passed and the sea was now calm.”
Opposite for extreme in intensity
“The two opposing groups had a half-hearted fight before going their separate ways.”
(of an activity) Opposite for excessive in nature
“He was a moderate drinker who was always fully aware of his limits.”
(heavy on) Opposite for consisting of or using a lot of
“German food is light on chilies and exotic spices.”
Opposite for feeling sluggish or slow
“After a good night's sleep, his body was feeling energetic again.”
Opposite for filled with sadness or melancholy
“I look forward to seeing you again with a joyful heart.”
(of a literary work) Opposite for overly serious or difficult
“The author's latest works were enthralling, arousing the interest of readers worldwide.”
(predicative) Opposite for weighed down with something
“The crates were empty of any items whatsoever.”
Opposite for indelicate or coarse
“When he lifts up his baseball cap to scratch his hair, the soft features of a boy-band dreamboat are revealed.”
Opposite for a person of high status or importance
“He was currently a nobody in the music industry but had dreams of making it big one day.”
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