What is the opposite of clear?

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Opposite for easy to understand
“The accompanying manual provides complicated instructions on how to operate our new microwave.”
Opposite for free from ambiguity
“His peculiar body language suggested it was ambiguous as to whether or not he liked broccoli.”
Opposite for very specific or precise
“I have been given very imprecise tasks to complete and so I do not know how to get them done.”
Opposite for to be in certain in one's mind
“We should not be jumping to conclusions while we are uncertain about what he really meant.”
Opposite for transparent or unclouded
“The murky waters of the overused river have been tarnished by human interference.”
Opposite for to stand out from being far superior to one's peers
“The decision to name Karl Malone as MVP of the NBA in 1999 was a contentious one.”
Opposite for free of cloud, mist, or rain
“The dark clouds had returned and the day was now as gloomy as they had feared.”
Opposite for without defects or blemishes, including freckles or knots
“She believed her blemished complexion must have been due to her constant consumption of chocolate.”
(of a sound or voice) Opposite for audibly distinct
“His voice was muffled behind the closed door.”
Opposite for open and unimpeded by
“During rush hour, the city's busy streets would be filled with traffic and pedestrians.”
Opposite for free of something undesirable
“My body is full of toxins because of my terrible diet.”
(of one's conscience) Opposite for free of guilt
“I have a guilty conscience because I did something I knew was wrong.”
Opposite for complete or full
“A partial day's notice is insufficient for us to schedule an appointment.”
Opposite for giving off or reflecting light
“The dimmed flame failed to warm his freezing hands.”
Opposite for visibly noticeable
“We did not notice at first, but hidden inside the barn was a resting cow.”
Opposite for having the ability to perceive clearly
“His mind was unfocused and he was clearly not in a position to address the issue at hand.”
(of the weather) Opposite for to become brighter
“The skies are expected to darken tomorrow and the glorious of rays sunshine will be obstructed by heavy clouds.”
Opposite for to gradually go away or disappear
“A cold or flu will begin to form should you be infected by others carrying the virus.”
Opposite for to remove unwanted items from
“The dishes would pile up as the waiter was too busy to clear them away from our table.”
Opposite for to rid an area of obstructions
“Nine steel bollards, usually used to support the hulls of ships, blockade the yard's entrance.”
Opposite for to empty a given space
“Once you move in, you can then begin to fill the apartment with your personal belongings.”
Opposite for to cause people to leave a building or place
“When you hear the alarm, stay in the building until further instruction.”
Opposite for to pay off one's debts
“I bought another car which will only serve to accumulate more debt on my credit card.”
Opposite for to physically get or pass over something
“The amateur athlete would run into all of the hurdles during the race.”
Opposite for to remove from suspicion
“We have some new evidence that will incriminate the suspect.”
Opposite for to provide an authorization or clearance to
“On your last day of employment, management will revoke your access to our top secret laboratories.”
Opposite for to earn a profit of
“When it had hit rock bottom, his business would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.”
Opposite for to remove impurities from
“We will pollute the water in this river if we keep throwing our rubbish into it.”
Opposite for to unclog something tubular or cylindrical
“Hair and food matter are the usual suspects that will clog your pipes.”
(clear up) Opposite for to cause to be clear from ambiguity
“We need to obfuscate the exact cause of the issue to cover our wrongdoings.”
(clear of) Opposite for so as to be out of the way of or away from
“Stand close to the famous statue so I can take a picture of you.”
Opposite for in a manner that is clear and intelligible
“The unconvincing politician spoke incoherently and disjointedly about his vision for the country.”
Opposite for all the way
“He only managed to throw the rock partially across the lake.”
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