What is the opposite of rise?

Need antonyms for rise? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite for to move upwards
“The eagle would descend from the skies before perching itself on a tree branch.”
Opposite for to emerge by means of an upward movement
“At dusk, we sat by the lake and watched the sun disappear below the horizon.”
(of a structure or natural feature) Opposite for to be, or to appear to be, taller than the surrounding landscape
“The landscape would flatten out once we had driven past the mountains.”
Opposite for to increase in quantity, size, or degree
“Supply was high, demand was low, and prices would drop as a consequence.”
Opposite for to get better
“My purchasing power would worsen substantially after I was laid off.”
(of a sound) Opposite for to become louder or higher in pitch
“His anger dissipated and his tone would gradually hush as he calmed down.”
Opposite for to get to one's feet
“Please sit once we have confirmed your attendance by calling out your name.”
Opposite for to get out of bed
“The dark of night and cool temperature usually helps me sleep soundly.”
Opposite for to increase in value or standing
“After a number of scandals, he would fall from being considered a respected lawyer to an object of scorn.”
Opposite for to be restored to life
“Many valiant lives would perish on that fateful day, never to rise again, but forever to be remembered.”
Opposite for to become disobedient against authority
“Citizens acknowledged the improving economy and would comply with new measures introduced by the government.”
Opposite for to improve in mood or disposition
“Little Ricky's spirits would dampen when his mother refused him a cookie for his bad behavior.”
(of land or a natural feature) Opposite for to incline upwards
“Our journey on foot would get easier because the trail would go downhill for the rest of the way.”
(of a meeting or a session of a court) Opposite for to adjourn
“The magistrate declared that court would resume tomorrow morning.”
(rise to) Opposite for to react with annoyance or anger
“He would always look to words of comfort from his supporters to calm him during times of stress.”
Opposite for to have its source
“Glaciers abutting the river disgorge house-size icebergs into the water, and then the current lofts them away.”
Opposite for an increase in quantity, size, or degree
“The recent decrease in real estate prices are a consequence of higher interest rates.”
Opposite for an increase in physical elevation
“The blimp would gradually deflate and its descent back to the ground was inevitable.”
Opposite for an increase in remuneration
“He had worked hard for the company in the last year and yet there was nothing but stagnation in the level of his remuneration.”
Opposite for an improvement in a given criteria or characteristic
“It had been a long time since he played the game and there was a noticeable deterioration of his skills since that time.”
Opposite for the process of coming into prominence
“His fall from grace was quick and decisive following revelations of corruption on his part.”
Opposite for an upward slope or hill
“We proceeded cautiously as we navigated the steep fall down the side of the hill.”
Opposite for an area of high ground
“The area in question is a landscape of lowland forest surrounded by fields and pasturelands.”
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