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What is the opposite of close?

Need antonyms for close? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of only a short distance away or apart in space or time
“The next town is pretty far from here.”
(loose) Opposite of closely packed
“The bridge was composed of loose wooden planks, which made it very rickety.”
(uncrowded) Opposite of closely packed
“Our favorite restaurant is typically uncrowded during the weekdays.”
Opposite of on very affectionate or intimate terms
“My daughter and I have sadly become rather distant in recent years.”
Opposite of uncomfortably humid or airless
“I sat in the open and airy bar area while I waited for the rest of the party.”
Opposite of secretive with information
“He was always open about his mental health problems and how it affected his career as a professional athlete.”
Opposite of predisposed against giving or sharing
“His grandfather was a wealthy businessman who was always generous with his money.”
Opposite of with evenly matched competitors (as per the score or result)
“The match never reached any great heights as it was incredibly one-sided.”
Opposite of on the verge of
“She is far from being a competitive swimmer and needs to train more.”
Opposite of characterized by conscientious attention to details
“It was evident that the editor had merely given the report a cursory glance based on the number of grammatical mistakes it contained.”
Opposite of vigilant, especially for danger or disorder
“You can't afford to be careless when you are traveling.”
Opposite of not deviating or varying greatly from something
“Even though they are twins, they have only slight similarities outside of their appearance.”
Opposite of deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits
“The movie's portrayal of Queen Victoria was inaccurate and most of the events were fabricated.”
(of a secret) Opposite of carefully guarded
“The location of this beautiful lake has become open knowledge due to social media.”
Opposite of denoting a family member who is part of a person's immediate family
“We do share the same surname, but we are merely distant cousins.”
Opposite of slow to reveal emotion or opinions
Opposite of not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily
“The check-in assistant seemed to be in a particularly garrulous mood, chatting with his colleague while he printed out the boarding card.”
Opposite of accurate or correct in all details
Opposite of having moisture or characteristics of wetness, typically described of the atmosphere
Opposite of having attributes, characteristics, or qualities in common
Opposite of very hot and dry
Opposite of something or someone that is beloved
“Because of the affair, you have become irrelevant to me.”
Opposite of to cover an opening
“To gain access to the attic, you will have to open the trapdoor.”
(of a hole or opening) Opposite of to block up
“The clogged pipes will require the expertise of a plumber to unblock.”
Opposite of to turn off (a switch or tap)
“You can start the taps once the hoses have been attached.”
Opposite of to bring or come to an end
“Pre-orders for the new release will open at the beginning of January.”
(of a business or operation) Opposite of to stop the operations of, typically due to financial difficulty
“The business will open again once renovations are complete.”
(close around or over) Opposite of to come into contact with (something) so as to grasp and hold it
“After pinning him to the ground, Vinnie would twist Gary's wrist to force him to release his grip on the pistol.”
Opposite of to gradually get nearer to someone or something
“We could see a great, big grizzly bear in close proximity and would subsequently make the wise decision to retreat from the cave.”
Opposite of to make smaller or narrower
“The disparity in skill level between the top and bottom teams is beginning to widen significantly.”
Opposite of to finalize or settle a formal agreement
“Contract negotiations were starting to protract as both parties began their posturing.”
(of a business) Opposite of to go bankrupt
“Against the odds, his cafe would thrive in a suburb that was saturated with various eatery options.”
Opposite of to come to an end or conclusion
“The footage will start in a few minutes!”
(opening) Opposite of the end of an event or of a period of time or activity
“She had to rush because she did not want to miss the opening of the movie.”
(continuance) Opposite of the end of an event or of a period of time or activity
“The continuance of a free and unfettered press is critical to a free and democratic society.”
Opposite of a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion or progress
Opposite of the realization or fulfilment of a plan or project
Opposite of at, or to, a place or time not far away
“If you could stand further from me, I would greatly appreciate it.”
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