What is the opposite of quick?

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Opposite of moving or progressing at a fast rate or speed
“Slow-distance exercise will not help make a slow horse run fast.”
Opposite of lasting or taking a short time
“It was a long job and gave me little time to think about other things.”
Opposite of occurring immediately or suddenly within a short time or period
“The gradual development of children's physical and communication skills are essential to promoting self-reliance and self-esteem.”
Opposite of fast or responsive in one's thinking
“Brian would hang up the phone because he felt he was too stupid to figure out the girth of a box.”
Opposite of easily excited or aroused
“Expert nurses commonly talk about how projecting a calm demeanor helps to settle others down.”
(archaic) Opposite of the condition of being alive
“For here is an assignment, or bill of sale of all his goods and chattels, and all other his substance whatsoever moveable or immoveable, quick or dead, to his trustees during his life.”
(archaic) Opposite of pregnant, especially at the stage where the movement of the fetus can be felt
“Smallpox infection among pregnant women has been reported to result in a more severe infection than among nonpregnant women.”
Opposite of moving or proceeding with significant speed
Opposite of physically nimble and quick
“He was tall and powerful but, unfortunately, rather clumsy.”
Opposite of completed or done with efficiency and speed
“I deserve an overdue apology and demand to know what transpired 5 years ago!”
Opposite of short, quick or brief in duration
“Among children, asthma is a leading cause of hospitalization, chronic disease, and school absenteeism.”
Opposite of showing cleverness or ingenuity
“I am too stiffened by work, unskilled in travel, too unadaptable to begin again elsewhere.”
Opposite of that operates, moves, or takes place at a greater than normal speed
Opposite of funny and clever
Opposite of needing very little effort
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“The climb was difficult, for there was only a narrow pathway between and around rugged rock outcroppings.”
(of one's senses) Opposite of sensitive or perceptive to changes
“Due to his age, little Gip may have weak eyes, but he still whips his tail into a frenzy when he sees me.”
Opposite of full of life and energy
“Increasingly, however, he was becoming listless and withdrawn, refusing invitations to play and grooming himself disconsolately.”
Opposite of lasting for a very short time
“She left such a lasting impression at her workplace that her colleagues were reduced to tears when they discovered she was leaving.”
Opposite of in a crude or unfinished state
“We have provided a detailed summary of all services rendered in the following email.”
Opposite of having or showing great perception or insight
“The surgeon reported that he would have temporarily impaired motor skills due to the accident.”
Opposite of occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning
“Any changes of destination are notified ahead by telephone or radio so that arrival is anticipated.”
Opposite of capable of making fine distinctions
“Shopping online can be a dangerous place for young and guileless consumers.”
Opposite of deft, dexterous, or skillful, especially with one's hands
Opposite of given or done without hesitation
“I was hesitant about watching a movie that featured a rock star as its main player.”
Opposite of at a very fast speed
“When you play the piece, do it slow and steady.”
Opposite of immediately, in a prompt manner
“Get here late and you will miss the main event!”
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