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What is the opposite of broad?

Need antonyms for broad? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of large in area or width
“The narrow alleys afforded breathtaking views over the roofscape and church towers of central Stockholm.”
Opposite of encompassing a large number or wide scope
“The children were malnourished and clearly had limited awareness of the world around them.”
Opposite of stated in indefinite terms or without specifics
“The doctor gave the patient specific instructions on how to care for the wound.”
Opposite of clear in meaning without uncertainty or ambiguity
“After a night out, I discovered a message on a piece of paper that was rather ambiguous.”
Opposite of somewhat coarse and indecent
“He was a clean comic who relied heavily on slapstick comedy to make his audience laugh.”
Opposite of open or liberal-minded
“His significantly narrow view of the world is certainly cause for concern.”
Opposite of as measured in width
“We have no need for a ruler that is more than one meter in length.”
(of a regional accent) Opposite of very noticeable and strong
“He spoke in a subtle Mississipi drawl that I found strangely charming.”
Opposite of wide or comprehensive in scope or applicability
Opposite of having a large scope or range
“Decision-making is so much easier when you only have a limited set of choices to choose from.”
Opposite of having a broad or widespread range, scope, or influence
Opposite of to an overwhelming, or broad extent
“He was fortunate that the negative impact of his actions was localized within the community.”
Opposite of extensive or comprehensive in scope
Opposite of deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources
Opposite of of very great size or extent
Opposite of present, appearing, or found everywhere
“I don't mind freckles on my face, but the odd mole aggrieves me.”
Opposite of having great body mass
Opposite of with everything included, and nothing missing or absent
“The submission of an incomplete package could be viewed as a lack of attention to detail.”
Opposite of constituting or referring to all of something
“Members of the public were only allowed to see an incomplete version of the official report.”
Opposite of stated in indefinite terms
“I was surprised at how detailed and specific the manual was.”
Opposite of broadly construed or understood, not strictly literal or exact
Opposite of having a wide scope or range of activity
Opposite of of or relating to everyone in the world or everyone in a particular place or society
“These semantics reflect the peer's individual view on the world.”
Opposite of involving or affecting large numbers of people or things
“A lone figure stood at the edge of the bracken, slender and tall, clothed in rough wool layers.”
Opposite of involving a full or complete view or approach
“The atomistic approach is advantageous particularly when solving the whole modeling problem would be too time-consuming.”
Opposite of pertaining to the works or period of Rabelais
Opposite of held by, or applicable to, a majority of the people in an area or country
“It may be an unpopular opinion, but I think that summer is by far the worst season of the four.”
Opposite of having rough or rugged features
“Adrianna felt the ropes rubbing against her delicate skin, tearing and burning.”
(informal) Opposite of a woman
“Some guy would brazenly pull my jumper over my head while trying to steal my bag.”
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