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What is the opposite of like?

Need antonyms for like? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to enjoy, be pleased by
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“I don't eat Japanese food because I dislike it.”
Opposite of to prefer, desire, or choose to have something
“I was full and I would refuse food for the rest of the day.”
Opposite of to find physically alluring
“I'm attracted to her good looks, but her bad habits really disgust me.”
(internet, social media) Opposite of to mark, tag or save something in one's personal list
Opposite of to like better
“Many of the institutionalized negotiation spaces in real life disprefer dealing with emotions.”
Opposite of to be on friendly or cooperative terms with someone or a group of people
Opposite of having similar characteristics to another person or thing
“We do not share any beliefs or opinions because we have dissimilar minds.”
Opposite of nearly resembling (something else) in comparison
(similar to) Opposite of denoting a resemblance when comparing one to another
“Dolphins are unalike crocodiles.”
Opposite of consistent with, or similar to, something else
Opposite of having the same characteristics or qualities as
“Your dining table is completely different and unlike the one I have at home.”
Opposite of such as one might expect from
“It's really unlike them to be late.”
Opposite of for example
“I have no interest in visiting any city in Canada except for Vancouver.”
Opposite of a person or thing of the same kind as another
“The thief was a scoundrel, and the mannerly gentleman was his antithesis.”
(internet, social media) Opposite of an individual vote showing support for, or approval of, something posted
“I gave his distasteful picture a dislike on Facebook.”
(rare, usually used in plural form) Opposite of a fondness or positive regard for something
“Washing the dishes was a dislike of his.”
Opposite of denoting a strong feeling of emotional attachment
“He struggled with feelings of scorn and resentment towards his father who had neglected him during his childhood.”
Opposite of someone or something that resembles, or corresponds to, another
“MacKinnon is the embodiment of mismatch when it comes to socks and shoes, as he dons a black shoe on his right foot and a red shoe on his left for basketball games.”
Opposite of someone or something that is the same as another in status or quality
“His outstanding leadership qualities made him the difference among his peers.”
Opposite of a class, group, or kind sharing certain characteristics or qualities
Opposite of a group of living organisms capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding
Opposite of a particular type of something in the same general category
“The role was a departure from his romantic comedy repertoire.”
Opposite of a type or class of people or things
(informal) Opposite of almost to the same level, amount or degree
“The next gas station is exactly fifty miles from here.”
(very) Opposite of to a certain level, degree or extent
(inadequately) Opposite of to a certain level, degree or extent
“He washed the dishes inadequately, and the grime was still evident as he placed them on the rack to dry.”
Opposite of to a moderately high degree
Prepositional phrase
Opposite of introducing one or more parts of the group or topic just mentioned
“There are not many cities that I would not recommend visiting, apart from those that may be experiencing political turmoil.”
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