What is the opposite of trouble?

Need antonyms for trouble? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of a distressing or dangerous situation
“He felt calm in the safety of the sanctuary.”
Opposite of the state of being difficult or bothersome
“Sarah managed to complete the challenging puzzle with ease.”
Opposite of effort or exertion made to do something, especially when inconvenient
“Pulling that stunt was merely a cinch for him.”
Opposite of a source of bother or irritation
“I take great pleasure in providing support when you need it.”
Opposite of a particular aspect of something regarded as unsatisfactory or as a source of difficulty
“I regard your confident nature as a positive.”
Opposite of a state of unrest or disorder, usually between opposing factions
“The two leaders met amicably to discuss options for peace in the region.”
Opposite of a cause of distress, disturbance, or pain
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“She lives with the comfort of knowing that she is set up for life.”
Opposite of a failure or breakdown in operation or function
“Regular maintenance would ensure that continuous engine operation was not disrupted.”
Opposite of a particular matter of concern
“We understood what the problem was and quickly implemented a solution.”
Opposite of an abnormal state that disrupts normal physiological functions
“The doctor was surprised at my health despite my lack of exercise.”
(count noun) Opposite of a feeling of worry or anxiety
“Despite the results not falling her way, there was a sense of carefreeness about her, and she was convinced that everything would still be ok.”
Opposite of a cause of great distress or misfortune
“He has had a rough life with cerebral palsy, but music has been such a blessing for our son and a fantastic outlet for his creativity.”
Opposite of hard or exhausting work or effort
Opposite of a misfortune or setback
(count noun) Opposite of something which prevents a being from experiencing happiness or good in their lives, or inflicting harm
“There is still so much good in this world that is worth fighting for.”
Opposite of effort or energy expended on work, a task, or a goal
Opposite of energy or effort expended towards an endeavor
“The inferiority might be the result of feebleness and of want of activity of the mind.”
Opposite of an unfavorable circumstance or condition that reduces the chances of success or effectiveness
“Banknotes have a natural advantage over coins in that they are lighter to carry but are also less durable.”
(usually used in plural form "pains") Opposite of effort expended towards a particular objective
“His laziness would prevent him from achieving anything in life.”
Opposite of an event or circumstance that causes sorrow
“It was pure luck that she managed to escape serious injury after the catastrophic accident.”
Opposite of to cause distress or anxiety to
“He would often meditate to calm his nerves before a game.”
Opposite of to cause someone inconvenience
“I'm happy to oblige your request for a reference.”
Opposite of to put in the effort required to do something
“I would avoid buying property in a declining market.”
Opposite of to be afflicted or incapacitated by
“Peter had to reassure and remind himself that he had the confidence to deliver on the big stage.”
Opposite of to harass, annoy, or cause trouble to (someone)
Opposite of to cause anguish or distress to
Opposite of to traumatize or cause distress to
Opposite of to afflict, or be afflicted with, a misfortune or something undesirable
“The shield held six magical tokens from his first Quest in Avantia that would bless him with powers over the Good Beasts.”
(usually of a disease or condition) Opposite of to affect adversely
“Eating a healthy and balanced meal will help to protect against all forms of malnutrition.”
Opposite of having, posing or being a source of a problem (or problems)
“This country has been a safe haven for many refugees and exiles.”
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