What is the opposite of free?

Need antonyms for free? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite for given or available without charge or cost
“The product is moving very slowly because it is very expensive.”
Opposite for given or available without charge or cost
“This handbag wasn't free. Rather, it was handsomely priced as a matter of fact.”
(free of, free from) Opposite for not subject to or affected by something
“The holidays were almost over, and he dreaded the fact that he would soon be encumbered by a barrage of school assignments and homework.”
Opposite for not engaged in work, responsibilities or obligations
“I will actually still be busy this weekend as I still have plenty of work to complete.”
(of equipment or a facility) Opposite for available for use
“The elderly lady looked around for a place to sit inside the train, but all the seats were already taken.”
(of a state or institution) Opposite for not subject to foreign intervention or a despotic government
“The citizens were subjugated by a dictatorial form of government.”
Opposite for not confined or imprisoned
“Amanda spent almost four years imprisoned in Italy for a crime she did not commit.”
(free to) Opposite for allowed or permitted to do something
“The doors will be locked and you will be prohibited from leaving until after the event has completed.”
Opposite for not physically obstructed
“If we do not complete roadworks by early morning, the usual free flow of traffic will be obstructed.”
Opposite for not physically fixed or attached
“You can remove the cover by holding its attached end and pulling it away from the device.”
Opposite for using or expending without restraint
“He has plenty of cash in the bank after years of being extremely frugal with his money.”
(of speech, expression, or action) Opposite for frank or unrestrained
“Around strangers, he would be restrained when expressing his true opinions so as not to offend anyone.”
Opposite for to release from confinement
“The county would imprison Steven after he was convicted of a crime under controversial circumstances.”
Opposite for to release from a physical restraint
“They set up a lure to trap the rat that had been plaguing their home.”
Opposite for to unburden from something undesirable or restrictive
“We should work towards paying off our debt so that we will no longer burden ourselves with these high interest rates.”
(free up) Opposite for to remove unwanted items from a surface, space or area
“Let's fill up the spare room with all of our hoarded junk while we figure out the best way to dispose of them.”
Opposite for to part with a possession or right
“Despite your continued insistence, I must reserve my precious time for use on more pressing matters.”
Opposite for to make assets or funds available
“The banks would freeze the politician's bank accounts under instruction from law enforcement.”
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