What is the opposite of good?

Need antonyms for good? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite for pleasant and satisfactory
“The layout of the apartment was bad, and the kitchen was too small.”
Opposite for full of virtue, having excellent moral character
“The evildoer seeks to live a dishonorable life through malevolent thought, speech and actions.”
Opposite for high quality
“It is really a substandard acquisition, because it is draining our finances.”
Opposite for competent or talented
“The amateur painter produces unrefined works of art that lack depth and finesse.”
Opposite for useful or functional for a particular purpose
“These old computers are now inadequate for what we need to achieve.”
Opposite for reliable and unfailing
“Your lack of empathy is a testament to your flawed virtue, of which you should be ashamed.”
Opposite for a mood associated with celebration or festivities
“He was in a foul mood and refused to spend the entire weekend at his in-law's house.”
Opposite for state of being happy and contented
“The vagrant suffered a sad and joyless existence.”
Opposite for kind in behavior or actions
“The dictator was known to be miserly and selfish in nature.”
Opposite for pleasing to taste
“The meat used in the burgers were stale and horrid to taste.”
Opposite for genuine, real or authentic
“The organizers strayed from traditional cooking methods, using artificial ingredients to prepare the dishes.”
Opposite for having good manners and conforming to standards of respectful behaviour
“His master and friends all said he was a naughty boy, prone to having fits of temper tantrums.”
Opposite for significant and abundant
“The area has a measly supply of rivers, all of them small.”
Opposite for a benefit, or advantage from something
“The players opted for personal glory to the detriment of the team.”
Opposite for morality
“The undisclosed purpose was to allow the founding of intergovernmental organizations to uphold the corruption of rogue states.”
Opposite for an elliptical exclamation of satisfaction or commendation
“What an abysmal shot that was!”
Opposite for a state in which a body is sound and healthy
“His body was feeling ill after contracting the disease.”
Opposite for profound and deep
“The motivational speaker was a charlatan whose words were farcical.”
Opposite for trendy or fashionable
“He wore baggy, rainbow-colored pants that were highly unfashionable.”
Opposite for respect and honor
“Their cowardice was a great disservice to their country.”
Opposite for the pleasantness of warm and sunny weather
“We had to cancel our date at the beach due to overcast weather.”
(dialectal) Opposite for to improve or fix something
“Plenty of partying is enough to eventually break oneself.”
Opposite for permanently
(informal) Opposite for a way to describe something that has been done well
“He was a bad teacher and did not care if I did what I was taught badly. ”
Opposite for an exclamation used to express agreement or compliance
No way, I will not come with you!”
Opposite for displaying logic and common sense
“Her explanation for her bad behavior was completely illogical.”
Opposite for showing appreciation and praise
“The team humiliated themselves with a big loss in front of their critical fans.”
Opposite for exhibiting passion and enthusiasm
“The author's works were mediocre and could only attract an apathetic readership.”
Opposite for recuperative or having the essence of healing
“Drinking a whole bottle of wine last night is having a deleterious effect on my faculties this morning.”
(dialectal) Opposite for to thrive or succeed
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