What is the opposite of small?

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(of objects or things) Opposite of of a size that is less than normal
“After landing a cushy job, he could now afford a big apartment.”
Opposite of having a small physical stature
“He excelled in the more physical sports as he was a muscular man.”
Opposite of insignificant or unimportant
“This is an important matter that must be addressed immediately.”
Opposite of not great in amount or number
“He was paid a substantial amount of money for the work that he had completed that day.”
Opposite of small or improbable in the degree of likelihood
“There is a very good chance of you not winning the lottery.”
Opposite of not fully grown or developed
“When he becomes a grown man, he will have many responsibilities to attend to.”
Opposite of diminished or humiliated emotionally
“His boss praised him for his accomplishments and made him feel proud.”
Opposite of operating on a modest scale
“I run a large-scale coffee chain in this city.”
Opposite of exclusive or private in nature
“We are an open group of motorbike enthusiasts and anyone can join us for a ride each weekend.”
(of sound) Opposite of lacking strength or volume
“She was an extroverted girl who spoke in a loud voice.”
Opposite of not open to views or opinions
“The inhabitants of the remote village were broad-minded and tolerant of foreigners.”
Opposite of not detectable or too small in magnitude to be observed
Opposite of barely perceptible in amount, level or degree
“These violations are always committed with an obvious amount of intent.”
Opposite of lasting or taking a small amount of time
“After years of professional service, Sarah decided to take an extended sabbatical to travel the world.”
(outside chance) Opposite of small or improbable in degree
“There is a likely chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow evening.”
Opposite of physically small or little in size
Opposite of restricted in area or volume
Opposite of of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree
“I was thrilled that I got the maximum marks on my end of year exams.”
(of a room or building) Opposite of uncomfortably small and cramped
(of food or a meal) Opposite of small in quantity and easy to digest
“I am planning on having a heavy dinner this evening as I am rather ravenous.”
Opposite of prevented from growing or developing
Opposite of restricted or low in amount or extent
“The real number system consists of all numbers that can be represented by infinite decimals.”
(of a sound or voice) Opposite of faint and high-pitched
“Striking a large metallic sheet with a stone will result in a loud, resonant noise.”
Opposite of lower in rank or status
“He was now a reputable lawyer and would earn a promotion to the senior role of partner at the law firm.”
(of handwriting) Opposite of small and difficult to read
Opposite of a very small person, animal, or thing
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