What is the opposite of great?

Need antonyms for great? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of large in scale or size
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“A small company with only a few products has grown to become a giant in the industry.”
Opposite of large in quantity
“He was out of luck and left with a minimal sum of cash.”
Opposite of impressive or striking
“The mud hut was an unimpressive example in housebuilding.”
(applied to persons) Opposite of recognized for possessing power, talents or achievements
“The class focused on the lesser-known inconspicuous religious leaders of the last century.”
Opposite of of significant importance or consequence
“It was an insignificant decision with trivial repercussions.”
(often followed by 'at') Opposite of skilful or adroit
“He had never been athletically gifted and remained incompetent at sports.”
(informal) Opposite of very good
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“The food at the cafe was awful.”
Opposite of possessing enthusiasm or passion
“I'm an unenthusiastic cynic of Kanye West's music.”
Opposite of having, or characterized by, a generous nature
“The narcissist was known for his selfish acts of self-aggrandizement.”
Opposite of belonging to, or characteristic of, the aristocracy
“Oligarchies are established through these alliances and society is divided between patrician rulers and plebeian slaves.”
Opposite of lasting or extending for a great period of time
“It has only been a brief while since we last met.”
(informal, intensifier) Opposite of extreme or absolute in degree
“It was a disappointing and sub-standard performance by the tennis player.”
Opposite of superseding others in importance or status
“In a result that shocked everyone, the third-seeded player was knocked out by the lowest seed in the competition.”
Opposite of characteristic of great power or forcefulness
“Ida had kept him awake while he drowsed his way up the old King's Trace in eastern Missouri, feverish and weak.”
Opposite of unusually good or remarkable
“I'm just an ordinary woman, living a regular life with a normal family, and married to an extraordinary husband.”
(rare) Opposite of characterized by the ideology of respect and dignity
“If he ever presents himself in an undignified manner again, he will never find honor in my presence.”
Opposite of pleasing to the mind or senses
“The Graduation Ball turned out to be a really horrible unpleasant night.”
Opposite of a person of major significance
“He had achieved nothing and was a nobody in his industry.”
Opposite of in a very satisfactory manner
“These blunt scissors work rather badly for hairdressing.”
Opposite of expression of gladness and content
“Oh, come on! Give me a break.”
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