What is the opposite of real?

Need antonyms for real? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(imaginary) Opposite of actually being or existing
“I remember a time as a child when I immersed myself in an imaginary world of made-up creatures.”
(conjectural) Opposite of actually being or existing
“It is their reliance on conjectural statements based on outward similarities that detract from the book as a whole.”
Opposite of being exactly as appears or as claimed
“The fake page does have a realistic look to it, complete with a flashy cover graphic.”
Opposite of free from any intent to deceive or impress
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“Her supposed empathy lacked authenticity and felt artificial from the start.”
Opposite of rightly so called
“Everyone was justifiably dubious of their relationship, considering the dirty laundry they had aired in public.”
Opposite of important or serious in nature
“I wouldn't concern myself with such trivial matters.”
Opposite of absolute in nature
“The draw was a partial victory for one team who had attained enough points to qualify for the finals.”
(informal) Opposite of honest in a blunt manner
“Their well-wishes sound incredibly contrived and rehearsed.”
(informal) Opposite of to be under no illusion; to carry one's attitude seriously about a matter
“You are deluded if you think things are going to work out between the two of you.”
Opposite of existing in reality or as a matter of fact
Opposite of possible to be treated as fact
Opposite of not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material
“The solution was mixed and contaminated, thus, rendering it useless for our experiments.”
Opposite of having a legitimate right to property, position, or status
(generic intensifier) Opposite of to an utter or complete degree
“I am intrigued by your mitigated sense of self-righteousness, but not entirely surprised.”
Opposite of characterized by unqualified enthusiasm
Opposite of essential, innate or inherent to something
Opposite of characterized by the lack of artificial additives or preservative treatment
“I do not trust that processed foods will agree with my body.”
Opposite of used to emphasize the extent of something unpleasant or bad
“Many believed he would make an excellent manager after his latest promotion.”
Opposite of existing independently of the mind
“Four categories of irrational beliefs are defined, representing thinking modes which are nonempirical and reflect an absolutistic view of reality.”
Opposite of of the same origin as claimed
“This is not the first time he has presented us with plagiarized work.”
Opposite of having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected
“They felt that it was an impractical exercise from an engineering standpoint and that the market for such a radio would be minuscule.”
Opposite of having an unpretentious nature
“The band makes no bones about acknowledging their soul, funk, and jazz roots of hip-hop without being pretentious posers.”
Opposite of to a great degree
“It was somewhat deflating to discover that block of margarine masquerading as butter.”
(informal, for real) Opposite of in a genuine, true, serious, or earnest manner
“It is unlikely to be worth anything.”
Opposite of to the greatest degree
“There is only slightly more rain in this region during autumn compared to spring.”
(informal) Opposite of to a great degree
“Just make sure you are adequately hydrated when running around in this heat.”
Opposite of in a manner which leaves little question
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