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What is the opposite of fine?

Need antonyms for fine? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of of superior quality
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“We will be writing a less than flattering review since we experienced rude service, poor food, and very long delays.”
(of the weather) Opposite of cloudless and sunny
“It will be cloudy tomorrow with a chance of rain, but I'm hoping the forecast will be inaccurate as per their track record of late.”
(of a material or fabric) Opposite of very thin, and almost transparent
“Are you not feeling hot wearing that thick sweater on a warm summer day?”
(of something abstract) Opposite of perceived only with attention to detail or subtlety
“This may well be an obvious truth to many, but a surprising number of people think otherwise.”
Opposite of good or satisfactory
“They regarded this view of science as unsatisfactory, incomplete, or just another form of sophism.”
Opposite of worthy of or eliciting admiration
“It was a disgraceful act that brought the game into disrepute.”
Opposite of physically pleasing in appearance
“She keeps telling me how unattractive she looks, but I think she's just fishing for compliments.”
Opposite of in good health and feeling well
“I'm not crazy! I'm just a little unwell.”
Opposite of imposing or impressive in appearance
“Despite being a quiet and unimposing man, my father was, in fact, unafraid of anyone or anything.”
Opposite of having or showing great perception or insight
“The surgeon reported that he would have temporarily impaired motor skills due to the accident.”
Opposite of thin or below average in width
“If you look at the legend, the broad lines indicate where the tram lines run through the city.”
Opposite of terminating in a point or edge
“Link would dispose of his blunt club after discovering an adventurer's bow lying about in the forest.”
Opposite of made or consisting of small particles
“If I had known earlier that gelato was not supposed to be grainy and gritty, I would have stopped after the first spoon.”
Opposite of having a small size or stature
“The title was displayed in large print on the report.”
Opposite of having or showing the qualities associated with high society
“The little coffee shop serves some rather inelegant, though delicious, dishes.”
Opposite of expensive or having a high value
“He wore a cheap suit, complemented with sneakers and a long hippie beard.”
Opposite of of delicate or intricate workmanship or structure
“Her culinary style was rather coarse and rustic, which was the way her grandmother taught her to cook.”
Opposite of easily broken or destroyed
“Wolverine's skeleton and claws are bonded with the unbreakable metal alloy, Adamantium, which makes him virtually indestructible.”
Opposite of having a discriminating nature in one's choices
“Jody's indiscriminate use of colors in her piece is going to divide opinion.”
Opposite of pure and free from impurities
“He attempted to fine-tune the money supply with a mintage of new gold coinage and adulterated silver coins.”
Opposite of having a considerable amount of skill
“What she has produced so far are the awkward, and, at times, ponderous ravings of a talentless hack.”
Opposite of extremely precise or accurate
“Most stores will not be held liable if your custom window coverings do not fit due to your imprecise measurements.”
Opposite of very high in quality
“The steak he cooked was, frankly, awful.”
Opposite of marked by values relating to skill, competency, and confidence
“Not only have you shown that you are inept in the skills required for your job, but you have also responded obnoxiously to criticism.”
Opposite of extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world
(of a material or fabric) Opposite of having a smooth texture that is gentle to the sense of touch
“After receiving a vision, he abandoned his wealth, and traveled around in a rough garment to preach repentance.”
Opposite of bright and warm with sun and sunlight
Opposite of having a sharp point or edge
Opposite of a sum of money exacted as a penalty by a court of law or other authority
“There may be punitive damages as well as reimbursement of litigation costs and legal fees.”
Opposite of in a good or satisfactory way
“In our bags, we pack the essentials of life, but they so often reveal how inadequately prepared we are for the vagaries of fortune.”
Opposite of to issue, establish or apply as a charge, fine or penalty
“The audits either rejected the inflated invoices or required the contractors to reimburse the money.”
Opposite of to make or become thinner or pointier
“It's probably not a good idea to scrape the edge of the blade across the board as this will dull the blade.”
Opposite of to remove contaminants or impurities from
“The meatball was exceptional, with just enough binder to hold its shape but not adulterate the beefiness of the meat.”
Opposite of used in the expression of concurrence or agreement
No! Tomorrow is not a good day for a meeting.”
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