What is the opposite of hard?

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Opposite for solid and resistant to pressure
“The glass would fall, but not shatter, on the soft carpeted floor.”
Opposite for requiring a great deal of effort
“Getting my children to sit still is effortless if you bribe them with cookies.”
Opposite for forceful in nature
“The pinata failed to break open after receiving only a few light blows by the children.”
Opposite for difficult to comprehend or decipher
“The crossword puzzle was very easy and I solved it in quick time.”
Opposite for difficult to bear
“An economic boom was predicted and the populace were hopeful for more auspicious times to come.”
Opposite for tough and exacting in one's expectations or treatment of others
“The drill sergeant was a surprisingly lenient man who was understanding of his soldiers' limitations.”
Opposite for able to withstand hardship
“It was grueling work and he quickly gave up because he was a frail man.”
Opposite for hardworking in nature
“I am at my wits end as to how I can possibly motivate my team of lazy workers.”
Opposite for unquestionable or indisputable
“We cannot, in good conscience, reach a determination based on ambiguous facts.”
Opposite for based on fact
“As it turns out, the information you provided was largely fictitious and of no use to us.”
Opposite for confronting or thought-provoking in nature
“Viewers were exasperated when the interviewer only asked the president a series of softball questions.”
Opposite for established and not subject to change
“The rules at this establishment are flexible and subject to change at any time.”
Opposite for bitter or resentful in nature
“He consciously chose to only harbor forgiving feelings toward those who had wronged him in the past.”
Opposite for with great force
“The fact he was not much of an athlete was apparent when he could only manage to throw the javelin feebly over a few meters.”
Opposite for with determination or diligence
“It was unlikely that he would ever reach his goals by only working lazily towards them.”
Opposite for with difficulty
“Federer breezed through the opening rounds of the tournament, easily accounting for all of his opponents.”
Opposite for in an emotionally difficult manner
“He took the news of the Bitcoin crash lightly as he had only invested a small amount in the cryptocurrency.”
(of one's gaze) Opposite for in a highly interested or concerned manner
“Edith gazed casually at the stars in the night sky as she thought of the friends she had left behind.”
Opposite for in a steadfast manner
“He did not share his father's passion for the tribe and, hence, only held loosely to their core principles.”
Opposite for in a resentful manner
“She had just come by a huge cash windfall and glanced contentedly at the piddling electric bill.”
Opposite for in a harsh or severe manner
“The Government reacted by benevolently providing the displaced civilians with food and shelter.”
Opposite for indulging excessively
“They partied moderately and headed home before things got out of hand.”
Opposite for unwavering from one's opinion or persuasion
“His opinions on the matter were fickle and he would regularly change them on a whim.”
(of liquor) Opposite for having an intoxicating nature
“I prefer non-alcoholic beverages as I do not enjoy being inebriated.”
(of drugs or narcotics) Opposite for strong or potent in nature
“He made sure that he only dabbled in drugs that were nonaddictive.”
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