What is the opposite of strong?

Need antonyms for strong? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite for capable of producing great physical force
“Unlike most of his family, John was a small, frail and weak man.”
Opposite for capable of withstanding great physical force
“The house was built on fragile foundations.”
Opposite for fit and healthy
“The doctor's report says I am incredibly weak and sickly.”
(of language or actions) Opposite for excessively or unacceptably forceful
“The president was urged to use nonviolent measures to counter the uprising.”
(of persons) Opposite for having great power or influence
“He was touted as a great and strong leader but ultimately proved to be highly uninfluential.”
(of water, wind, etc.) Opposite for possessing or exhibiting force
“The expected strong winds turned out to be nothing more than a gentle breeze.”
Opposite for determined or passionate in interests or endeavors
“Julia had set many goals for herself but appeared indifferent when it came to achieving them.”
Opposite for fervent in feelings or desires
“His once strong feelings for her had diminished and were now merely superficial in nature.”
Opposite for highly stimulating to the senses
“The day was dark and dreary and we were surrounded by a dull gloom.”
(of sound heard) Opposite for pronounced in volume or depth
“The singer's voice was muted and muffled by the auditorium's inferior acoustics.”
Opposite for having a pleasant and intense odor
“He preferred using an odorless anti-antiperspirant so as to draw less attention to himself.”
Opposite for having a pleasant and intense flavor
“My curry was really bland and flavorless.”
(of words spoken) Opposite for vulgar or offensive in nature
“Despite being visibly upset, he still spoke in a civil manner.”
Opposite for having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient
“I'll just have a watered-down coffee as I tend to be highly sensitive to caffeine.”
Opposite for having a high alcoholic content
“You should try this new non-alcoholic beverage if you're a teetotaler.”
(of a disease or symptom) Opposite for very bad or severe
“I will still be going to work today as my headache is only mild and painless.”
(of an argument) Opposite for likely to succeed because of sound reasoning
“Steven Avery was convicted of murder due to an unconvincing case put forward by his defense lawyers.”
Opposite for in a strong manner
“Exhausted, he could only complain quietly and gingerly about the gradual decline of his business.”
Opposite for idiomatic phrases for being strong
“John was small, frail and weak as a kitten.”
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