What is the opposite of softly?

Need antonyms for softly? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of adverb for not aggressive or violent in nature
Opposite of softly
Opposite of in a sweet manner
Opposite of gently, delicately or softly
Opposite of in a way or manner that is pleasing
“Thank you for staying my hand when I was tempted to pen a nasty review of someone who'd written unkindly about my books.”
Opposite of adverb for physically easy to mold or manipulate
“Unfortunately, the use of a very inflexible material such as fiberglass has many limitations.”
(of a material or fabric) Opposite of adverb for having a smooth texture that is gentle to the sense of touch
“After receiving a vision, he abandoned his wealth, and traveled around in a rough garment to preach repentance.”
(of a walking surface) Opposite of adverb for dank, muddy, and full of water
“His consciousness started to wane when he fell and hit his head on the rocky surface.”
Opposite of adverb for expressing subtlety of a particular quality as opposed to intense
“The others were ready to go, standing slowly and squinting against the intense light.”
(of colours) Opposite of adverb for having a restrained or non-vibrant quality
“The forest was warm as summer and abloom with an abundance of colorful flowers.”
(of a voice or sound) Opposite of adverb for quiet and gentle to the ears
“We had to put up with loud noises and constant interference from the neighbors.”
(of a visual or image) Opposite of adverb for blurry and not defined
“He was a painter that specialized in still-life images that were clear and defined.”
Opposite of adverb for kind or lenient, often to excess
“His parents were strict disciplinarians who often had unrealistic expectations.”
Opposite of adverb for requiring or involving very little or no effort
“It was a difficult task because of the depth of the minefields.”
(colloquial) Opposite of adverb for physically weak
“I would love to play a strong and heroic character again if given another chance.”
(colloquial) Opposite of adverb for weak in character, lacking determination or willpower
“He also stressed the importance of tackling corruption in a determined manner, as it is a threat to democracy.”
(colloquial) Opposite of adverb for timid, or showing a lack of courage
“Obviously, I haven't been brave enough to broach this topic amongst our friends for fear of an outcry.”
(of a person's state of mind) Opposite of adverb for foolish, silly or simple-minded
“We have had a conversation about his transgressions and he has assured me that he is sensible enough to not repeat his mistakes again.”
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