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Few people were out since it was so late, though it was hard to avoid the nighthawks.
I do eat a lot of Quorn and beans and spinach and eggs, but sometimes it is hard to eat a balanced diet.
Somehow, someway, he kept hard charging until he found me and sent Claudia my address.
Matters were getting somewhat out of hand with those native to the city finding it hard to get a house.
While this was a comfortable win for the Boys, nevertheless they had to work hard for it.
The attention was new to him, and he found out the hard way how things can back-fire.
In Chester, that leads to a hard line to all of the duff new architecture which is being thrown up.
One in every ten Cumbrian businesses said skill shortages made it hard to fill job vacancies, the study revealed.
The result has been posts being left vacant for months as the University finds it hard to fill them.
We all deserve answers, not a song and dance about how hard the police work and how they don't get no respect.
Some GPs are also finding it increasingly hard to vaccinate enough children to qualify for the extra payments.
It's not as soft as Brie, not as sharp as Bleu, and not as hard as Parmesan.
Military briefers are still working hard to explain ongoing investigations into civilian deaths.
The apparently spontaneous nature of the uprising has created a political vacuum which may be hard to fill.
Not hard advice to take when you are so newly aware of the presence of your lungs.
It was pretty hard not to be happy around someone like Jen who was always bright and cheerful.
The sun was shining so bright I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open.
In sooth, whither now shall we turn to fund our distaste for hard work and our love of the finer things in life?
All of this translates into interesting fodder for newsy features or even hard news.
Just how hard can it be to get a really exciting science story into a daily newspaper?
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Examples from Classical Literature
She's stiff and hard and proud as piecrust, but I think she's right at bottom.
Rather hard on politicians this, to bracket their patriotic endeavours with pitch-and-toss and alcoholic indulgence!
Out of a pillowcase folded hard he made a gag and tied it into the mouth of the man.
Missy knew it must have gone hard with him to be put in the wrong by Mr. picker.
All my brothers are navvies, and it's hard luck that I was pilled in my medical examination.
His hard face was ashen with rage, and he stared at a calendar on the wall with his cold, Phidian stare.
Like those of Riparia, the roots are slender, hard, and resistant to the phylloxera.
Ford knocked the ashes from his pipe so hard that the pipestem fell in two.
With troubled eyes he looked for his round, hard hat, and put it on his round head.
He wore a three-quarter length high visibility jacket and high visibility trousers and he was carrying a white hard hat.
If the hard hat manufacturer approves the attachment, that approval must be in writing.
The Golden Gate city, which also had the first designated hard hat area at the Golden Gate bridge, won.
Chelsea Ripley's hard hat design was chosen as the winner in a competition staged by the Construction Curriculum Centre.
But what this proves, once again, is the absolute necessity of wearing a hard hat, whether you're on a horse for two hours or two minutes.
The headgear is a cross between a traditional protective hard hat and a baseball cap incorporating a high-visibility finish.
Typical problems which could affect hard hats could be that the UV rays of sunshine can cause them to soften and reduce their effectiveness.
Ray was a quiet, rather nervous man of perhaps fifty with a brown beard and shoulders rounded by too much and too hard labor.
They compelled the wretched men of the land to build their castles and wore them out with hard labor.
The hunters, on the other hand, had stronger and more diversified faces, with hard lines and the marks of the free play of passions.
Becky snatched at the book to close it, and had the hard luck to tear the pictured page half down the middle.
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