What is the opposite of big?

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Opposite of of great size or scale
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“He gambled away his life savings and was then forced to live in a small, run-down apartment.”
Opposite of of considerable importance or seriousness
“This is an insignificant issue which can be resolved at a later date.”
Opposite of grown-up
“Bobby had just turned eighteen and was no longer considered one of the young boys.”
(informal) Opposite of on an ambitiously large scale
“I only have small and humble plans for this website.”
(informal) Opposite of very popular or successful
“This style of clothing is dated and unpopular in New York at the moment.”
(informal) Opposite of principled or generous
“It's very selfish of you to abandon me in my time of need.”
Opposite of physically well-built
“He pondered whether to start going to the gym after noticing his slight frame in the mirror.”
Opposite of fat or overweight
“She had grown quite thin after months of cutting her calories.”
Opposite of having significant influence
“The programmer considered himself to be holding only an ancillary position in the large company.”
Opposite of showing great enthusiasm
“My sister is indifferent towards Justin Bieber's music.”
Opposite of being of prime importance above all others
“The secondary issue for us will be to increase profits in the short term.”
Opposite of having a concentration of some characteristic
“The pasta was lacking in flavor due to a rather diluted sauce.”
Opposite of showy in speech
“He liked using simple words to ensure that he could be easily understood.”
(informal) Opposite of genetically well-endowed
“You limp-haired, underendowed, flirtatiously challenged drones.”
(archaic) Opposite of in a late stage of pregnancy
“She was nonpregnant and without a child.”
Opposite of superseding others in importance or status
“In a result that shocked everyone, the third-seeded player was knocked out by the lowest seed in the competition.”
Opposite of grand and impressive in appearance
Opposite of very large in size
(of a physical object) Opposite of possessing great weight
“Our suitcase was very light once we emptied it after returning from our trip.”
(rare) Opposite of characterized by the ideology of respect and dignity
“If he ever presents himself in an undignified manner again, he will never find honor in my presence.”
Opposite of famous or widely praised
Opposite of of the greatest possible degree or amount
“One may conclude straight away that a member will supply only the minimum amount of effort required, but the option is open to him to supply more.”
Opposite of philanthropic
Opposite of inclined to be generous or to share in abundance
Opposite of the most important in terms of rank or status
“She has years of experience as an assistant manager and is very eager to take the next step.”
Opposite of currently popular, fashionable, or in demand
“Zoolander has just become a washed-up male model.”
Opposite of in a boasting manner
“He would always speak humbly to avoid drawing attention to himself.”
Opposite of on a large scale, expansively
“Thinking small is not going to impress the investors.”
(informal, rare, usually used in plural form) Opposite of one of high importance or significance within a group
“The errand boy was a nobody in the company.”
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