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What is the opposite of tight?

Need antonyms for tight? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of physically unyielding, taut or stiff
“I know I've lost weight because my pants are getting loose around my belly.”
Opposite of constructed so as to prevent the passage of water, air, etc.
“She left her lunch container open, and the smell would permeate through the office.”
Opposite of causing difficulty, problems or trouble
“I am looking forward to a relaxed and comfortable day at the spa.”
Opposite of having strict rules or conditions
“She is quite the party animal, and her parents are very liberal with her curfew.”
Opposite of made, fixed or closed firmly and securely
“He gave me a soft and relaxed handshake as he introduced himself.”
(of a knot) Opposite of closely packed
“Larry gave a huge tug on the jib sheet to trim the sail, unaware that the knot was loose.”
Opposite of cramped and allowing very little room for movement
“The spacious and opulent bathroom was decked out with exquisite fittings.”
(of clothes or shoes) Opposite of close-fitting, especially uncomfortably so
“At night, I prefer to wear clothes which are loose and comfortable.”
(of a game or contest) Opposite of with evenly matched competitors (as per the score or result)
“It's not worth watching the game when the contest is so uneven.”
Opposite of on close or friendly terms
“Cody became distant after moving overseas for work.”
(of a written work or form) Opposite of concise, condensed, or well structured
“He won't be receptive to feedback if you are too verbose.”
Opposite of miserly in nature
“He was so spendthrift, often wasting his cash on eggs and avocado.”
Opposite of allowing only the minimum time or money for doing something
“Armed with an ample budget, the government would invest heavily in transport and infrastructure.”
(slang) Opposite of extraordinarily great or special
“Frankly, your new haircut is awful!”
(informal) Opposite of under the influence of alcohol
“We need you to be sober tonight to drive us home.”
Opposite of firmly fixed in place
“Well, I banged on a few keys, and I finally got an unfrozen screen.”
Opposite of narrow-minded or intolerant
(of an outcome, especially one that is desired) Opposite of possible but very uncertain
Opposite of firmly fixed in place
“Apparently, jumping from a precarious rock to a raised edge is all part of the game.”
Opposite of firmly, so as not to come loose easily
“Grasp the rope loosely and then tug when I give you the signal.”
(of sleep) Opposite of in a sound manner
“I slept badly and woke up with a stiff neck the following morning.”
Opposite of in an unwavering or steadfast manner
“The senator began having doubts and would only hold loosely to his once core principles.”
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