What is the adverb for good?

What's the adverb for good? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (obsolete) In a goodly way; courteously, graciously.
  2. (dialectal or obsolete) Well; excellently.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. excellently, exceptionally, appealingly, delightfully, enjoyably, greatly, likeably, likably, marvellously, marvelously, nicely, pleasantly, positively, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, superbly, wonderfully, acceptably, affably, agreeably, amiably, beautifully, clearly, comfortably, comfortingly, elegantly, enchantingly, engagingly, enviably, euphorically, exhilaratingly, fairly, fascinatingly, favourably, favorably, finely, flashily, glamorously, gorgeously, hunkily, joyously, lovelily, mildly, photogenically, pleasingly, pleasurably, preciously, presentably, prettily, ravishingly, seductively, soundly, splendidly, stunningly, sublimely, sunnily, superly, tastefully, temptingly, valuably, worthily, admirably, aesthetically, amusingly, attractively, beauteously, blessedly, capitally, cheerily, choicely, comelily, commendably, cunningly, cutely, daintily, delicately, dishily, dollishly, entertainingly, exquisitely, fetchingly, flamboyantly, foxily, gladly, glossily, heavenlily, honourably, honorably, hospitably, intoxicatingly, neatly, personably, prepossessingly, primely, pulchritudinously, radiantly, rapturously, reputably, resplendently, showily, slickly, snazzily, soothingly, spankingly, splashily, statuesquely, sterlingly, superiorly, takingly, welcomely, zingily, alluringly, charmingly, congenially, darlingly, delightsomely, dulcetly, ecstatically, esthetically, genially, good-naturedly, gratefully, paradisaically, paradisaically, paradisiacally, paradisiacally, passably, savourily, savorily, stupendously, supercalifragilisticexpialidociously, telegenically
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