What is another word for well?

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In a pleasing or satisfying manner
“The day went well. The weather was great and I enjoyed spending time with my kids.”
In a manner that is appropriate to the circumstances
“Please ensure that you dress well for your brother's wedding.”
Denoting good relations between two or more individuals
“Our team is really productive because we all get on well with each other.”
In a manner showing significant ability
“Steph knows how to bounce and shoot the ball well.”
In a kindly manner
“Treat others well, and you will be treated well in return.”
In a thorough manner
“Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them well.”
Denoting a close relationship between two or more individuals
“We know each other well as we have been friends since junior school.”
In a manner denoting great attention to detail
“Please analyze the data well before giving us your conclusions.”
With a high level of approval
“He was a popular leader, and the citizens would continue to speak well of him long after his retirement.”
In a prosperous or comfortable condition
“I need to live prudently now so that I will be able to live well in the future.”
In all likelihood
“You could well just leave this for tomorrow without any serious repercussions.”
(usually used for emphasis) To a significant extent
“I am a man who is well aware of his own limitations.”
Without difficulty
“After her promotion, she could well afford those Miu Miu shoes.”
(predicative) In good health
“It's only a minor injury. I should be well again in no time.”
In an acceptable state or position
“We had a slight weapons malfunction but everything's well now. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?”
(archaic) Well-advised
“It would be well to determine just what his intentions are.”
A hole sunk in the ground, usually serving as a source of water or fluids
“You will have to draw water from the well next to the campsite.”
(figuratively) A plentiful source of supply
“The young boy seemed to have a well of infinite curiosity and zeal to draw upon.”
(usually of a liquid) To rise up, to spill over, or to be on the verge of spilling over
“Tears began to well in Chris Gardner's eyes after he was offered a full-time position at the stock brokerage firm.”
To grow in intensity
“I'll give you a dose, but it'll never come close to the rage that would well up inside of me.”
Used in speech to fill gaps
“What did I get up to on the weekend? Well, nothing much, to be honest.”
Used as an acknowledgment of a situation before a proposition
“You don't feel like cooking? Well, let's just get some takeout instead.”
Used to express having a contrary opinion
“You don't like Melanie? Well, I think she's alright.”
(often doubled or tripled) Used to express surprise
Well, well, well. Just look at what we have here.”
Used to express indignance
Well! Garbage chute. Really wonderful idea. What an incredible smell you've discovered!”
Used to express a reluctance to say something
“It's just… well… complicated.”
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