What is another word for issue?

Need synonyms for issue? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

A topic in dispute, or up for debate
“Ari had a meeting with Vincent to discuss the issue regarding his next lead role in a feature film.”
A situation that requires resolution
“We have an issue with Michael eating all of the cookies and not leaving any behind for the rest of us.”
The distribution of something for general use
“The issue of MP40 semi-automatic rifles was in effect for soldiers of prestige within the army's airborne division.”
(publishing) A single edition of a periodical publication
“The latest issue of Cosmopolitan has an article on how you can still lose weight and remain attractive by eating more food.”
(figuratively) All one's lineal descendants
“The issue of Cersei and Jaime Lannister would all meet an untimely end, much to the chagrin of the Mad Queen.”
To supply or distribute for use
“The general will issue new SVT-40 rifles to soldiers from the infantry division once they have reached the required level of prestige.”
To formally send out or put into circulation
“The company will issue a statement addressing the recent complaints by consumers in the next 24 hours.”
To proceed, come or flow out from
“The aromatic smell of spices would issue from my neighbor's kitchen as she prepared her dinner.”
To throw or give off
“This flamethrower will issue a long, controllable stream of fire when activated.”
To result or be derived from
“The students' improved academic results issue from the dedication of their teachers.”
To fill out a financial document, typically a check/cheque
“Please issue the check to my company, I Love Words Inc.”
(medicine) The outflow of a bodily fluid
“Wrap a bandage fast around the gaping wound to minimize the issue of blood.”
(rare) The place where something flows out
“The river winds and flows towards its issue, a majestic blue lake where birds flock during the spring.”
(rare) The result or outcome of an event or events
“The successful issue of the negotiation increased profits for the business.”
Indication of source or origin of a product, typically government or military
“This was the first standard government issue firearm and the beginning of the long tradition of US military small arms manufacture.”
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