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What is another word for gets?

Need synonyms for gets? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To come into possession of
“I would like to get a new laptop as my current one is starting to break down.”
To receive or be sent something
“I expect to get the item I purchased from eBay in the mail soon.”
To reach a specified state or condition
“The food will get stale if you leave it out in the open for too long.”
To catch or apprehend someone
“The authorities would finally get their man after months of investigative work.”
To travel by or catch some form of transportation
“We can either get a bus or a taxi to reach our destination.”
To catch a disease or illness
“You can get a cold or flu if you are in close contact with someone who is carrying the virus.”
To be afflicted with something unfortunate
“He would get a leg injury after an accident while playing football.”
To discern what somebody is saying
“She spoke in a hushed voice, and I could barely get what she was saying.”
To comprehend what someone is saying
“He started speaking incoherently, and I did not get what he was trying to say.”
To go somewhere, typically with some degree of difficulty
“Let's get dressed now so we can get there early for a change.”
To begin doing something
“We need to get working if we do not want to miss our deadline.”
To induce someone to do something
“We need to come up with a plan to get the kids to eat their vegetables.”
To have an opportunity, or an intention, to arrive at a specified outcome
“After months of planning, I would finally get to travel to South America.”
To seek retribution
“He's coming to get me because I inadvertently insulted his pet cat.”
(informal, usually used in simple past form "got") To baffle someone, typically in a discussion or debate
“The professor would get his interviewer by pointing out that her questions were actually an exercise in self-projection.”
(usually used in third person form "gets") To annoy or irritate
“People who walk slowly in front of me really get me.”
(usually used in third person form "gets") To confound or perplex someone
“Her strange behavior would get me.”
To acquire complete knowledge or skill in
“Russian is such a hard language to learn. It took me ten years to finally get it.”
To pick up or fetch something
“Could you get your brother from the train station later today?”
To earn or be paid
“If I accept this job, I will get twenty percent more than my current salary.”
To make contact with, typically by telephone
“William, could you get Harry and ask if he and Meghan will be free this weekend for a cup of tea?”
To arrive at after searching, study, or effort
“After several hours of research, I would finally get the answer to the crossword puzzle.”
To attain through effort
“After years of hard work and training, he would get a gold medal at the Olympics.”
To take hold off forcibly
“I need to get that last cookie in the jar before anyone else does!”
To be victorious, typically as revenge for a previous defeat
“We may have lost, but this playoff series isn't over. We will get them in the next match.”
To move into a desired direction of discourse
“Everyone here is missing the point I am trying to get at.”
To have or undergo a change of physical features and attributes
“I would get a rash as a result of the incredibly dry weather.”
To kill or execute
“The mob will come to get you if you ever cross them.”
To prepare or arrange for (something)
“It's now time to get dinner.”
To engender offspring
“John would get four daughters.”
To trick successfully
“Just lie to our boss and call in sick. It tends to get him all the time.”
Plural for something that has come into one's possession
“The new hire is really skillful and has been a great get for the company.”
(dated) Plural for descendants of a person, animal, or plant
“You were a high lord's get. Don't tell me Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell never killed a man.”
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