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What is another word for runs?

Need synonyms for runs? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To move at a fast speed on foot
“We had to run fast to make it to our train.”
To retreat from something frightening or dangerous
“We would run from the mean-looking characters who were lurking in the alley.”
To chase after (something)
“Our poor dog had no idea that it was a bad idea to run after its own tail.”
To control or start the operation of
“Do you know how to run this printer?”
To maintain the operations of
“The spokesman said the council would do all it could to ensure services run as smoothly as possible.”
To manage
“It does not cost a lot to run a basic website these days.”
To extend or cause to extend in a particular direction
“The road would run south for miles on end.”
To range or occur within a continuous spectrum
“The store is offering discounts that run from 10 to 40 percent, depending upon the brand.”
To enter or participate in a contest, usually as a political candidate
“Kory announced his intention to run for president on a platform of working for the interests of non-citizens.”
To organize, implement, or carry out
“The polls suggest that if we run the referendum again, the result would be largely the same.”
To pass or cause to pass quickly in a particular direction
“She felt a shiver run down her spine.”
To continue or be valid or operative for a particular period of time
“My current contract will run for another six months.”
To publish or be published in a newspaper or magazine
“The magazine would run a story about what types of food Kim Kardashian preferred to eat on a Tuesday afternoon.”
To associate or be friends with
“I'm not a fan of the folks you run with.”
To gradually have as a state or quality
“Your meal is starting to run cold on the dinner table.”
To flow or move in a stream
“The ink would run all over the damp paper.”
To make or become liquefied by heat
“The snow would start to run as spring approached.”
To finish in a given position
“He would run second in the race.”
To travel somewhere in a vehicle, usually public transportation
“It's really cheap and the trains run frequently and, more importantly, on time.”
(of an automobile) To have in one's possession for use
“Over time, the company expects it will be cheaper to run a car on hydrogen than on gas.”
To be presented for the duration of
“The exhibition will run until November at the Central Art Gallery and is free to the public.”
To be covered in a stream
“The roads would run with water accumulated from the heavy rain.”
To bring in, usually illegally
“The drug baron used Spain as a staging post to run drugs into Europe from North Africa.”
To drive away
Run those scoundrels out of town!”
To emit or exude a liquid
“He is experiencing headaches, he feels dizzy and nauseous, and his nose won't stop running.”
(run at) To be purchasable for a specified price
“She requested a handbag for her birthday that would run at a thousand dollars.”
To give (someone) a lift
“I should probably run you home in your current state.”
(of stitches) To come apart
“The ladders in your tights are beginning to run all the way up your leg.”
To view intently
“I couldn't help but run my eyes all over his impressive new sports car.”
Looseness of the bowels
Plural for an act or spell of running
“I was feeling a bit reckless last night and went for a run through the Botanical Gardens late in the evening.”
Plural for a continuous period of a particular situation or condition
“He'd had a rough time of it, and had endured a long run of reversals and miseries.”
Plural for a continuous sequence of a particular situation or condition
“With the firm's seemingly endless run of good luck, it is hard to see what could go wrong.”
Plural for a short excursion made in a car
“Val came for lunch and then we went for a run out to the mall to do some shopping.”
(the run of) Plural for free and unrestricted use of or access to
“We discovered very quickly that he couldn't be given the run of the house due to his irresponsible nature.”
Plural for the general tendency of something
“Fortunately, the team managed to score a goal against the run of play to finally seal the game.”
(usually preceded with "usual") Plural for the average or usual type of person or thing
“It was a standard party, with the usual run of food and drinks.”
Plural for a sloping snow-covered course or track used for wintersports
“I skied down a run which took me to an ancient two-person chairlift.”
Plural for a journey accomplished or route taken by a vehicle, aircraft, or boat, especially on a regular basis
“He believed the airline would take a bigger share of the market on the Glasgow run when a new timetable was introduced in December.”
Plural for a vertical line of unraveled stitches in stockings or tights
“She had a run in her nylons.”
Plural for an enclosed area in which domestic animals or birds may run freely in the open
“The cats are never allowed out, which is why Mr. Satterley has built a cat run covered completely by netting.”
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