What is the opposite of runs?

Need antonyms for runs? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(walks) Opposite of to move at a fast speed on foot
“She watched in gentle adoration, her two-year-old daughter walk slowly toward her.”
(stops) Opposite of to move at a fast speed on foot
“It is dangerous to just stop halfway across the road.”
Opposite of to retreat from something frightening or dangerous
“To go out during the dark and encounter the violence of the conflicting elements might turn out more fatal than to remain where he was.”
Opposite of to chase after (something)
“Joe is an experienced spelunker, and he feels that it is incumbent upon him to guide the others to the exit.”
Opposite of to control or start the operation of
“We have to stop mechanical operations because two of the machines are faulty.”
Opposite of to maintain the operations of
“Plans to rollout recycling education improvements could fail due to a lack of funding.”
Opposite of to manage
“Many agents sell a bunch of houses, then spend all their time servicing those houses and neglect their business.”
Opposite of to extend or cause to extend in a particular direction
“The path will stop at the end of the bank where the river meets the sea.”
Opposite of to enter or participate in a contest, usually as a political candidate
“An incumbent may decide to forgo the next election when certain conditions are met.”
Opposite of to organize, implement, or carry out
“Not until Ferdinand VII's death in 1833 did Spain abort all plans of military reconquest.”
Opposite of to pass or cause to pass quickly in a particular direction
“The stream will follow down the small cliff where it will terminate in a large pond.”
Opposite of to continue or be valid or operative for a particular period of time
“The temporary license will expire at the end of the month, and the individual will have to retake the state licensing exam.”
Opposite of to publish or be published in a newspaper or magazine
“He decides to censor the content and supervise the author, watching out for further subversiveness.”
Opposite of to associate or be friends with
“They say they are writing to dissociate themselves from the Institute's support for a Yes vote in the forthcoming referendum.”
Opposite of to gradually have as a state or quality
“It is important to keep cool after a rigorous workout to prevent your body temperature from dropping too quickly.”
Opposite of to flow or move in a stream
“You can run the hairdryer over the wet patch on your dress and it should dry up pretty quick.”
Opposite of to make or become liquefied by heat
“Keep on turning until the jelly begins to solidify, then transfer it to a jelly mold that has been incrusted on pounded ice.”
Opposite of to travel somewhere in a vehicle, usually public transportation
“Garbage collection vehicles tend to stop regularly, so be mindful when driving behind one.”
(of an automobile) Opposite of to have in one's possession for use
“If there was no signal from the rear window of the car, Peter was to drive on past the garage and discard the truck wherever it was convenient.”
Opposite of to be presented for the duration of
“The promotion will end at the end of the month, so get in while you can.”
Opposite of to drive away
“I can't invite a boor like him to dinner, as he is likely to offend the other guests.”
(of stitches) Opposite of to come apart
“When all the rows are completed, stitch them together to form the patchwork top.”
Opposite of a gastrointestinal disorder characterized by frequent and very fluid or watery bowel movements
Opposite of plural for an act or spell of running
“Graham was feeling rather full and bloated and decided to have a bit of a walk around the local park.”
Opposite of plural for a continuous sequence of a particular situation or condition
“It took a young and brash teenager to finally put an end to his winning streak.”
Opposite of plural for a short excursion made in a car
“The couple made a brief stop at a remote service station for a quick toilet break.”
(usually preceded with "usual") Opposite of plural for the average or usual type of person or thing
“The event is similar to last year with a difference in food selections.”
Opposite of plural for a vertical line of unraveled stitches in stockings or tights
“His mother advised him to sew a new patch on his jeans.”
Opposite of plural for an enclosed area in which domestic animals or birds may run freely in the open
“New techniques for collecting information promise to further transform the study of cats in the wild.”
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