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What is another word for catches?

Need synonyms for catches? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To seize and hold someone or an animal
“Government workers tried to catch the creature by laying cages and shooting it with tranquilizer darts, but they failed.”
To chance upon someone doing something unexpected (and usually underhanded)
“He was determined not to let his mother catch him having a Big Mac as a pre-dinner snack in his room.”
To meet someone, usually at a given place or time
“I'll catch you after work at the bar.”
To contract an illness
“A fellow train passenger was sniffling and coughing, and I was afraid that I would catch something.”
To grab or seize something, especially an object in motion
“Try as Emilion might, he could not teach me to throw and catch the pesky things properly.”
To move fast enough to reach or pass someone or something ahead
“Despite Niko Bellic driving like a mad man, the police were eventually able to catch him.”
To clearly comprehend something
“His voice was so low and raspy that I could not always catch what he was saying.”
To perceive fleetingly
“A good hour passes before we reach Skull Island and catch a glimpse of the mighty Kong.”
To succeed in evoking or representing
“The film really does catch the air of optimism prevalent during those years.”
To become ignited and start burning
“It took several tries for the tinder to catch in the damp atmosphere.”
To strike (someone) on a part of the body
“He danced erratically, and his flaying arms would catch me in the back of the head repeatedly.”
To stick or entangle something into or around something else, especially unintentionally
“I expend so much effort trying to appear casual that I catch my heel in a crack in the sidewalk, lose my footing, and spill coffee on my white blouse.”
To attract and engage the attention or interest of
“Helga started yelping like a puppy dog to catch their attention.”
To board (a train, bus, or aircraft)
“Then I had to catch a bus, then a train, and walk quite a way to the house.”
To reach in time to board (a train, bus, or aircraft)
“We will need to be quick if we want to catch the early train.”
To stop or halt the movement or progress of
“I am now trying to catch myself before getting angry and yelling.”
(of an engine) To fire and start running
“He started the car and waited a minute for the engine to catch.”
To fasten or fix securely in place
“Nellwyn would catch back her hair so that it would be somewhat out of the way, bound into a hasty ponytail.”
Issues or things that need to be resolved
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Plural for the act of catching an object in motion
“That was an impressive catch by the running back.”
Plural for the act of seizing or capturing
“The catch of the perpetrator was the result of months of police and detective work.”
Plural for a device for securing something such as a door, window, or box
“He tried closing the doors, but the catch was broken and light seeped in.”
Plural for a hidden problem or disadvantage in an apparently ideal situation
“The catch here is that, in this case, a critical rule was violated.”
Plural for an amount of fish caught
“The boats returned in the evening, each laden with a bountiful catch of fish.”
Plural for a person or thing that is considered ideal or desirable
“Whenever they could pick up information over the phone, it was a real catch.”
Plural for a person considered desirable as a partner or spouse
“Grant Delamont, the one catch that every girl dreamed of at Edamont High.”
Plural for an unevenness in a person's voice caused by emotion
“She nervously told us to leave with a catch in her voice.”
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