What is another word for point?

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A very small dot or mark
“I can see a point of light emanating in the distance.”
A particular spot, place, or position in an area or on a map, object, or surface
“The valley is located at a point between two large mountains.”
A particular moment in time or stage in a process
“We were running low on fuel at one point and things were looking pretty dire.”
An advantage or purpose that can be gained from doing something
“The whole point of this healthy lifestyle is to look and feel better.”
The central part or aspect of something under consideration
“Your entire diatribe still failed to address the underlying point of this discussion.”
A single item or detail in an extended discussion, list, or text
“The first point in the report is the one you should pay the most heed to.”
A distinctive feature or characteristic, typically a good one, of a person or thing
“A dainty, elegant pergola is the focal point at one end of the garden.”
A narrow piece of land jutting out into the sea
“We'll head back around the point and into that last small bight we passed on our way here.”
The tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object
“The point of his sword glimmered menacingly in the evening sun.”
A stage or level at which a change of state occurs
“Turn off the stove once the liquid reaches its boiling point.”
(the point) The critical or decisive moment
“He's all talk, but when it gets to the point he comes up empty.”
The scoring unit of a sports competition
“Teams will get a point for each goal they score.”
A punctuation mark, typically used to indicate the end of a phrase or sentence
“Always finish your sentences with a point to improve the readability of your writing.”
An electrical outlet
“Is there a spare power point around here for me to plug my charger into?”
(point to) To show as probable, or to call attention to
“In response to your question, all signs point to yes.”
To direct or face in a specific direction
“She would point her camera towards the horizon, hoping to take the perfect photo of the sunset.”
To give a point to
“It's time to point your blunt pencil.”
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