What is another word for fix?

Need synonyms for fix? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To mend or repair
“We will do what we can to fix what has been broken.”
To put securely in place or in a desired position
Fix the shelf to the wall above the curtain track using the brackets.”
To come to an agreement or decision concerning the details of
“Let's fix a time and date to get together again to discuss this.”
To manipulate or influence an event
“Helena firmly believed she would have won if her opponent did not fix the results.”
To focus on, usually of one's vision or thoughts
“I would unwittingly fix my gaze on her gaudy new dress.”
To make ready in advance, usually of food
“I think you should just relax and let me fix dinner.”
To wreak vengeance on
“Jimmy hired Tony to fix his former accountant who had embezzled him out of millions of dollars.”
To firmly embed
“Her poignant words would remain fixed in my memory for years to come.”
To organize or make arrangements for
“Could you fix everything to ensure that there are no unexpected complications?”
(of one's physical presentation) To groom or put in order
“I had to fix my hair after it was ruffled by a strong gust of wind.”
To take an injection of a narcotic drug
“The two addicts looked for a secluded place where they could fix.”
To remove the reproductive organs of
“The dog has been taken to the vet to be fixed.”
A measure taken to resolve a problem or correct a mistake; a solution or remedy
“There really is no easy fix to our dilemma apart from hard work.”
A difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneself
“I have just gotten myself into a fix and am unable to make my rent this week.”
A dishonest or underhand arrangement
“This bill is actually a guise for a costly and intellectually dishonest fix.”
An opinion on the nature, character, or quality of something
“What's your fix on the state of our business at present?”
Something given or promised in order to improperly influence a person's conduct or decision
“The judge was caught on video accepting a fix from some unsavory characters.”
A dose of a narcotic drug to which one is addicted
“Despite the pleas of his family, Ben was truly addicted and determined to get his fix.”
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