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Not closed or fastened
“We were not far from the wall now, and my eyes were fastened upon the open gate.”
Freely available for use or participation by all
“We usually have at least one printer open for use by staff at any particular time.”
Not concealed
“We can see his influence in the works of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Matisse, who was open in his admiration.”
Not yet settled or decided
“Whether or not we blame individual managers or individuals I think is open for debate.”
Honest and frank
“The challenge is to convince the industry to be more open about their experiments.”
Being in a situation where one is likely to meet with harm
“He criticized the system for being open to abuse.”
Not clogged up
“It's crucial that we clean our pipes out regularly to keep them open at all times.”
(of space) Unenclosed or not built-up
“She was fascinated by the country's wide open spaces and vast grassy plains.”
Extended, expanded, or unfolded
“There are several flowers already open on the Japanese quince.”
Open for business
“Our little family restaurant has been open for the best part of a dozen years.”
Receptive to ideas or opinions
“I'm open to any suggestions on alternative revenue streams.”
With no restrictions on those allowed to participate
“The concert was an open event where anyone and everyone could attend.”
Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation
“The public's open and generous response to the appeal was heartwarming.”
(of clothing) Not closed or fastened
“He was dressed simply, in black breeches and a white shirt that was open at the neck.”
Unobstructed by buildings or trees
“The council used several tonnes of grit in a bid to keep the main roads open.”
Being in an impartial state
“We are keeping an open mind as to the course of action we should be taking.”
Not covered
“He quickly grabbed some bandages to cover his open wound.”
Approachable in demeanour
“I wouldn't say he was an open man. He was a serious man, and was rightly seen as such.”
Having spaces or gaps
“This type of pizza base has a distinctive crisp crust and open texture.”
To make open
“Could you open the windows to let some fresh air in?”
To become open
“The automatic doors with sensors would open whenever a person approached.”
To force open
“A few suspicious individuals were trying to open our neighbor's door.”
To set or be set in action
“We will now open this event with a speech by our CEO.”
To stretch or straighten out
“The Organ Pipe cactus will open its blossoms only during the cooler evening hours.”
(of a container or package) To unwrap
“Every package of pills I open comes with a pamphlet warning of possible side effects.”
(of clothing) To remove or undo
“I had to open my jacket as it was getting too warm inside.”
(of a hole or opening) To unplug
“This acid-based solution will help to open up your clogged pipes.”
(of a beverage bottle) To uncork
“Shall I open another bottle of the Bordeaux?”
To reveal one's deep thoughts or emotions
Open your heart to me, baby. I hold the lock and you hold the key.”
To open for business
“The supermarket will open at a later time on weekends.”
To lead into a space or area, usually with an impressive view or ambience
“The rooms have doors that open onto French balconies overlooking the beach.”
(the open) A place or location removed from human habitation
“We like getting away from the city spending time in the open every now and then.”
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