What is another word for seen?

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To have perceived with one's eyes
“It was from the valley that we had seen the snow-capped mountains before us.”
To have been a spectator of
“Last night, you would have seen the lunar eclipse occurring before your very eyes.”
To have found or discovered
“The explorers claim to have seen the elusive Bigfoot.”
To have understood based on given information
“I have seen how secret meetings can be highly inappropriate.”
To have found out through discovery
“Ted, you would have seen who the princesses were on your adventure with Bill.”
To have found out by making enquiries
“William, have you seen what your brother Harry is up to with Meghan?”
To have ensured that something happens
“Have you seen that you have packed all of your belongings?”
To have formed a mental picture of, or to have predicted
“I had seen him winning tournaments due to his superior skill.”
To have understood through experience
“When my great-grandfather was young, he would have seen the horrors of war first-hand.”
To have had a vague awareness of
“I have seen sadness and torment in many of Van Gogh's paintings.”
To have met by arrangement
“I had seen Renee just last week when we caught up on the latest gossip.”
To have met by chance
“I have seen Mark at the pub I usually frequent.”
To have consulted a professional as a client
“I have seen my lawyer about this issue.”
To have consulted with a client as a professional
“My lawyer has seen me about this issue.”
To have escorted or conducted someone to someplace
“Security has seen the drunken guest to the exit.”
To have visited a person or place
“My parents would have seen me at least once a month.”
To have deemed to be
“I just haven't seen things the way you do.”
To have been the setting or time of
“The 1950s would have seen the birth of the first electronic computers.”
To have been in a romantic or non-platonic relationship with
“Who has he seen since his break-up with Anna?”
To have proven or demonstrated
“It was seen during the experiment that the two elements would form a combustible compound when amalgamated.”
(seen over) To have inspected or scrutinized
“She had seen over the car before deciding to buy it.”
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