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Able to pierce or cut with relative ease
“There was nothing we had available that was sharp enough to use as a cutting tool.”
Having or showing quickness of mind
“His mind was as sharp as it had ever been.”
Exploitative, usually in an unscrupulous manner
“In reality, it was ordinary citizens and not the sharp operators who stored their wealth in banknotes.”
Having or producing a sudden and intense piercing sensation
“Her coughing ceased for a brief moment when she felt a sharp pain on her lower leg.”
Of having extreme clarity or definition
“The image is black-and-white with strong contrast and sharp detail.”
Denotes a well-dressed person, typically but not necessarily a male
“Looking sharp in a grey suit, he had managed to inveigle his way into City Hall through the side entrance.”
Denotes the use of derogatory or derisory language intended to hurt or insult others
“Her words were sharp and I felt them cut into each piece of my shattered heart.”
Refers to an intense or acrid flavor
“The sharp taste of salt and alkaline was tangy on my lips.”
Denotes an intense coldness that can feel like it is penetrating the body
“It was growing dark and a sharp wind was blowing off the sea.”
Diminishing to a point or edge
“The long robe drapes over the front of the throne, falling in pleats that taper to sharp points along the hem.”
Having the ability to perceive, comprehend and respond in a speedy manner
“It transcends its soap-opera instincts thanks to the bright humor and sharp observations of the script.”
Denotes a sudden or dramatic change in direction
“It made a sharp turn to the left, and went on to meander away to unpredictable destinations.”
A loud piercing sound
“All in all, not much got done until Mikhail's aunt Meredith came in and silenced them all with a sharp whistle.”
A psychological feeling of intuition
“She got out of the shower lazily, and had a sharp feeling in her gut that something would happen today.”
Denotes speediness
“Moore set off at a sharp pace.”
Exactly or as stated without any margin for error
“It was six o'clock sharp in the morning, and it was time for him to put his game face on.”
In a sudden or unexpected manner
“On anything other than a smooth track, it would suddenly turn sharp left for no reason.”
(slang, dated) A highly skilled person in a particular skill or knowledge
“All I know is that he was a real estate sharp, and he got me a deal I could not refuse.”
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