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Covered with grass or other vegetation
“Vast green forests covered the magnificent countryside.”
Of the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum
“The ribbon is orange with two green stripes that symbolize its agricultural links.”
(figuratively, of people) Lacking in worldly wisdom or informed judgment
“Young, green travelers should be warned about the dangers that exists outside of their comfort zone.”
(figuratively, of people) Lacking in experience
“The new hire is rather green and will take some time to be brought up to speed.”
Pale and sick-looking
“Murray hesitated, his complexion turning slightly green at the idea of a visit from his mother-in-law.”
(figuratively) Referring to practices or policies that do not negatively affect the environment
“We are moving towards green power to reduce our county's dependence on fossil fuels.”
(of a person) Concerned with or supporting protection of the environment as a political principle
“There were ten candidates in the ward, including three Labour and one Green candidate.”
Full of life and vigor
“May we all live to a green old age and be prosperous and happy.”
Fresh in one's memory
“I still have a green recollection of the wonderful time that we spent together.”
(of certain fruits) Not ripe
“The bananas are still green so wait a day or two before eating them.”
(dated, of food items) Fresh or uncooked
“If you can't find a lightly smoked bacon, use green bacon instead.”
(green with envy) Overcome with envy
“Homer turned green with envy at the sight of Flanders' new RV.”
(of wood or lumber) Freshly cut and not dried
“Toby is a specialist in green timber carpentry, using techniques unchanged for 500 years.”
Green foliage or vegetation
“The placid lake is surrounded by the green of the forest.”
(Britain) A piece of public grassy land, especially in the center of a village
“On a warm day, many of the locals flock to the village green to lounge in the sun.”
(usually in plural form "greens") Green vegetables
“I like having a serve or two of greens with most of my meals.”
(US, slang) Money, particularly the American dollar
“Jimmy Dix's leather pants must have cost a lot of green.”
(politics, usually Green) A member or supporter of an environmentalist group or party
“She resigned and eight Lib Dem councilors and one Green followed suit.”
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