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Free from dirt, marks, or stains
“He stood back for a moment to admire his clean car once he had finished washing it.”
Hygienic or sanitary
“Make sure your hands are clean before you handle the food.”
Free from pollutants or impurities
“Every weekend, he would hike up the mountain where he could enjoy nature's clean air.”
(of sheet material e.g. paper) In an unmarked condition
“Let's get a clean sheet of paper so we can start writing out our shopping list.”
Having good morals
“Never feel that your past should keep you from the enduringly clean life you want and deserve.”
Free from guilt
“Steven is hoping to prove that he is clean with his lawyer Kathleen's help.”
Performed according to the rules
“True to the formalities of leadership races, the candidates would state that they just wanted a clean fight.”
(of a person) Free from the consumption of drugs or alcohol
“They made Amanda go to rehab and now she is clean.”
(of an action) Performed well and with precision
“With one clean swoop of my sword, I slashed the stone column in two.”
Simple, well-defined, and pleasing in shape
“The structure's design exudes a breath of minimalism, using clean lines and elegant forms.”
That does not damage the environment
“We must encourage the continued development of clean energy for the benefit of future generations.”
Complete and thorough
“The party made a clean sweep of every seat on the council.”
(somewhat uncommon) Having no exceptions or restrictions
“The last five years spent with you has been nothing but clean bliss.”
Lacking in contents; empty
“Finish every last crumb. I want to see a clean dinner plate.”
(of sound or color) Free from anything that dulls or dims
“He had a clean guitar tone that accentuated his soulful vibrato.”
Being clear enough to read
“Jim's handwriting was clean and easy to read.”
To make clean
“I always try to clean the kitchen stove thoroughly after cooking.”
To maintain one's household
“I really need to set aside some time to clean my messy apartment.”
To free of microorganisms, or from impurities
“It's very important that you clean your wound to prevent infection.”
(of clothing) To make clean
“I need to clean my white shirt as I spilled some curry on it.”
(of fish or poultry) To remove the innards of
“I asked the fishmonger to clean my halibut before wrapping it up.”
According to the rules
“If you want to take her on, then you should know that she fights clean, and you should probably do the same.”
Used to emphasize the absoluteness of a given action or attribute
“I am clean determined to accomplish my goals.”
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