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Moving, or capable of moving, at high speed
“We need a mode of transportation that can move at a fast pace.”
Lasting for only a short time
“Let's just have a fast break and we can then resume this meeting.”
Done quickly without deliberation
“Ari made a fast decision to turn his car around and look for Lloyd at the club.”
Firmly fixed in place
“Close the door and ensure it is fast so that we can have some privacy.”
(of dyes or colours) Not running or fading when subjected to detrimental conditions
“The red color of this shirt is fast and will not come out in the wash.”
(of people) Unwavering in feeling or sentiment
“Joey and Chandler met as housemates and would remain fast friends for life.”
(of a lifestyle) Extravagant or reckless in nature
“The rock band lived a fast life in their heyday.”
(of a lifestyle) Immoral or promiscuous in nature
“Clay realized that Hannah's undeserved reputation for being fast was due to unfounded rumors.”
Sudden, or figuratively explosive, in nature
“The team got off to a fast start, scoring twenty points in quick succession before their opponents even knew what hit them.”
With great speed
“Niko Bellic drove his getaway car fast in an attempt to shake off the police who were chasing him.”
(informal) With great speed
“The Road Runner ran fast, leaving Wile E. Coyote in its wake.”
Immediately and without delay
“Don't delay, this has to be done fast!”
In a manner that is firm or secure
“The shy child clung fast to her mother at the gathering.”
(of sleeping) Deeply or soundly
“After a big night out, he was still fast asleep as midday rolled around.”
(of a lifestyle) In a reckless manner
“Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well.”
In an unwavering or steadfast manner
“Despite being criticized by many of his detractors, the senator continued to hold fast to his principles.”
Ahead of the correct time or schedule
“My watch is about five minutes fast.”
Having quickness of mind
“I speak several languages fluently because I am a fast learner when it comes to linguistics.”
Very near or close
“Robb Stark's forces were advancing fast on Jaime Lannister's army, and the end was nigh for the Kingslayer.”
To restrict one's consumption, typically of food
“I fast intermittently as I believe that doing so will benefit my health.”
The act of abstaining from, or eating very little, food
“He partakes in a fast each Friday as part of his religious beliefs.”
Deceptive in nature
“He pulled a fast trick on me and swindled me out of a hundred dollars!”
Firm against attack; fortified by nature or art
“The country was infested with robbers and outlaws; which, lurking in woods and fast places, used often to break forth to rob and spoil.”
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