What is the opposite of fast?

Need antonyms for fast? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of moving, or capable of moving, at high speed
“A mode of transportation that moves at a slow pace will be less than ideal for our needs.”
Opposite of lasting for only a short time
“Let's just have a long break so we can reflect on everything we have discussed in this meeting.”
Opposite of done quickly without deliberation
“Ari made a deliberate decision to get Vincent the leading role in Aquaman.”
Opposite of firmly fixed in place
“The hinges of the door were loose and wobbly.”
(of dyes or colours) Opposite of not running or fading when subjected to detrimental conditions
“The red color of this cheap shirt is impermanent and will fade in the wash.”
(of people) Opposite of unwavering in feeling or sentiment
“Joey and Chandler could not imagine how some friends could be so fickle.”
(of a lifestyle) Opposite of extravagant or reckless in nature
“The science professor lived a sedate life in his younger years.”
(of a lifestyle) Opposite of immoral or promiscuous in nature
“Clay realized that Hannah was actually a pure and innocent girl, unlike her undeserved reputation.”
Opposite of sudden, or figuratively explosive, in nature
“The team got off to a sluggish start, taking a full five minutes before scoring their first points.”
Opposite of having quickness of mind
“I failed at learning a second language because I am a slow learner when it comes to linguistics.”
Opposite of deceptive in nature
“We settled our business dealings via a perfectly ethical transaction.”
Opposite of firm or fortified against attack
“Robbers and outlaws lurking in vulnerable places were quickly apprehended by the authorities.”
Opposite of completed or done with efficiency and speed
“I deserve an overdue apology and demand to know what transpired 5 years ago!”
Opposite of persisting for an extended period of time
Opposite of fleet, swift, not plodding, capable of running spritely
Opposite of done or arranged in haste, usually in response to a critical situation
“Surprisingly, Mr. Marchant said it was not uncommon for jewelers to transport precious stones in this seemingly casual way.”
Opposite of made, fixed or closed firmly and securely
“He gave me a soft and relaxed handshake as he introduced himself.”
Opposite of characterized by a close or warm personal relationship
“She has a distant relationship with her children's father, dates occasionally, and otherwise has few friends that she sees or talks to with any frequency.”
(slowly) Opposite of at a very fast speed
“Niko Bellic drove his getaway car slowly again after managing to shake off the police.”
(informal) Opposite of at a very fast speed
“Safe and sound after Wile E. Coyote had fallen off the cliff, the Road Runner ambled at a snail's pace.”
Opposite of immediately and without delay
“This issue has a low priority, so just complete it at your own pace.”
Opposite of in a manner that is firm or secure
“The happy child clung loosely to her mother while being surrounded by her other family members.”
(of sleeping) Opposite of deeply or soundly
“After having a long afternoon nap, he was still barely asleep as midnight rolled around.”
(of a lifestyle) Opposite of in a reckless manner
“Live safely, die at a ripe old age. Good girls do it well.”
Opposite of in an unwavering or steadfast manner
“The senator began having doubts and would only hold loosely to his once core principles.”
Opposite of ahead of the correct time or schedule
“My watch is about five minutes slow.”
Opposite of within a short time
“Get here late and you will miss the main event!”
Opposite of to restrict one's consumption, typically of food
“I allow myself to gorge on my favorite foods once a month.”
Opposite of the act of abstaining from, or eating very little, food
“He partook in a moment of gluttony on his birthday.”
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