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Given or available without charge or cost
“The company is giving away free T-shirts as part of a marketing campaign.”
(free of, free from) Not subject to or affected by something
“The summer holidays had arrived, and he was finally free from any assignments or homework.”
Not engaged in work, responsibilities or obligations
“I will finally be free this weekend for some rest and relaxation.”
(of equipment or a facility) Available for use
“The nice young man would offer the free seat on the train to an elderly lady.”
(of a state or institution) Not subject to foreign intervention or a despotic government
“Sadly, many people do not appreciate being in a free society until they have experienced otherwise.”
Not confined or imprisoned
“Amanda relished finally being free again after being imprisoned for almost four years in Italy.”
(free to) Allowed or permitted to do something
“There's no obligation to stay. You are free to leave whenever you wish to.”
Not physically obstructed
“We need to complete roadworks by early morning to ensure the free flow of traffic.”
Not physically fixed or attached
“As a running foot strikes the ground, it causes the free end of the shoelaces to stretch and then relax.”
Using or expending without restraint
“I am hoping he will be a lot more free with his money so he can buy me a drink every now and then, unlike his stingy brother.”
(of speech, expression, or action) Frank or unrestrained
“Around friends, he would let his guard down and speak in a free manner about his innermost thoughts.”
(archaic) Overfamiliar or forward
“We've now become rather free with each other, perhaps even a bit too free.”
To release from confinement
“Arthur Morgan would use a stick of dynamite to free Micah Bell from his prison cell.”
To release from a physical restraint
“A nice man would free the fox that was caught in a hunter's trap.”
To unburden from something undesirable or restrictive
“We should work towards paying off our debt so we can free ourselves from having to pay any further interest.”
(free up) To remove unwanted items from a surface, space or area
“Let's free up the spare room so that you can use it as a study.”
To part with a possession or right
“Because you are so insistent, I will free up some of my precious time to meet with you.”
To make assets or funds available
“The banks would free the politician's bank accounts after he was cleared of any wrongdoing.”
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