What is another word for lost?

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Unable to be found
“I searched high and low and for my lost cell phone before my mother found it in the laundry.”
Unable to find one's way
“They decided to explore the deep jungle and ended up becoming lost.”
(of time or an opportunity) Not used advantageously
“He realized that it was a lost opportunity at securing his dream job, and he was inconsolable as a result.”
Of a bygone era
“The prime minister promised to restore lost traditional values that he believed had once made the country great.”
Having been destroyed permanently
“The environmentalist lamented the increase in lost natural habitats due to urbanization.”
Beyond hope
“Trying to get him to stop drinking fizzy drinks is a lost cause.”
Significant in degree of hopelessness
“Will Hunting was a lost soul who believed it was all his fault until his therapist Sean assured him otherwise.”
(lost to) Hardened beyond sensibility or recovery
“He was so lost to all sense of empathy that one could be forgiven for considering him a sociopath.”
Deeply immersed in thought or an activity
“He seemed a little lost in all the commotion and activity that was going on around him.”
Filled with confusion or bewilderment
“Jordan felt lost when confronted with the incoherent ramblings of Michael that did not make any sense.”
Having passed away
“I want to spend as much time as possible with my grandmother before she is lost to us.”
To have been unable to find something or someone
“Tim lost his keys in all the clutter that had piled up on his desk.”
To have inadvertently dropped or left something or someone behind
“I lost my headphones on the train before I disembarked because I wasn't paying attention.”
(of a game or contest) To have failed to win
“He lost to his opponent, but at least he gave it his best.”
To have ceased to retain something
“Stacey lost a lot of money in bad investments, but would be the wiser for it.”
To have caused (someone) to be unable to pursue one any longer
“Justin Bieber jumped into his limousine and lost his horde of screaming fans as it sped off.”
To have wandered or gone astray from
“We lost the trail during our hike for a brief moment before finding our way again.”
(lost oneself) To have lost one's sense of direction
“We lost ourselves in the thick jungle but, fortunately, we had a compass.”
(of time or an opportunity) To have failed to take advantage of
“He lost his chance at this opportunity that would only come around once in a lifetime.”
To have involved or engaged in deeply
“He lost himself in the music, and the moment he owned it, he never let it go.”
(informal) To have gotten rid off
“I lost the gaudy shirt and decided to dress with a little more class for my date.”
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