What is the opposite of sharp?

Need antonyms for sharp? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of able to pierce or cut with relative ease
“He sighed and rested the blunt end of his broadsword against his shoulder, gazing sightlessly around the battlefield.”
Opposite of having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect
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“He was too slow to realize that it was his own carelessness that led to his dismissal.”
Opposite of exploitative, usually in an unscrupulous manner
“Regularly letting the public know that what we're doing is above-board and honest will help our profession in the long run.”
Opposite of having or producing a sudden and intense piercing sensation
“I endured a dull pain in my head for the rest of the day.”
Opposite of of having extreme clarity or definition
“Honestly, if the details are that blurry, it is probably time to buy a new television.”
Opposite of denotes a well-dressed person, typically but not necessarily a male
“I looked in the mirror and saw this crumpled old face peering back at me, disheveled, none too clean, and in desperate need of a shave.”
Opposite of denotes the use of derogatory or derisory language intended to hurt or insult others
“The young woman was crying so deeply that no kind words or gentle touches would heal the pain.”
(sweet) Opposite of refers to an intense or acrid flavor
“Many relish its sweet taste, but it is, by and large, an acquired one.”
(bland) Opposite of refers to an intense or acrid flavor
“When you try to make a light chowder, you end up sacrificing flavor and heartiness, and the soup becomes bland.”
Opposite of denotes an intense coldness that can feel like it is penetrating the body
“All he wants is someplace warm, where palm trees blow in balmy breezes along a gentle, rolling surf.”
Opposite of diminishing to a point or edge
“All the kids on my block played stoop ball at my house because we had smooth rounded edges on our stairs.”
Opposite of having the ability to perceive, comprehend and respond in a speedy manner
“It was strange that he should be so imperceptive of her charms.”
Opposite of denotes a sudden or dramatic change in direction
“So the ideal line involves starting your turn early, swinging wide, and making a round, smooth, gradual turn.”
Opposite of a loud piercing sound
“Yet for her it was only a dull sound, ringing in the back of her mind like some long-forgotten memory.”
Opposite of a psychological feeling of intuition
“He had a mild inkling that she was attracted to him.”
Opposite of denotes speediness
“She spoke to the horse, who moved on at an irritatingly slow pace.”
Opposite of rudely abrupt and unfriendly in nature
“It was civil, mutually respectful, and completely lacking in any personal animosity.”
Opposite of very low or below average in temperature
Opposite of showing cleverness or ingenuity
“I am too stiffened by work, unskilled in travel, too unadaptable to begin again elsewhere.”
(of one's senses) Opposite of sensitive or perceptive to changes
“Due to his age, little Gip may have weak eyes, but he still whips his tail into a frenzy when he sees me.”
Opposite of using one's wits to solve a problem
“He was helpless and could not figure out how to get himself out of the mess he was in.”
Opposite of characterized by the use of wit, especially to offend
“Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement and support regarding yesterday's post.”
Opposite of alert and vigilant
Opposite of marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt
“Each greeting is accompanied by a great deal of genuine laughter and joyousness.”
Opposite of exactly or as stated without any margin for error
“You can get there approximately twenty minutes before the show to set yourselves up.”
Opposite of in a sudden or unexpected manner
“We watched the ship fade gradually from view as it sailed away.”
Opposite of exactly as stated or indicated
(slang, dated) Opposite of a highly skilled person in a particular skill or knowledge
“He chose not to turn professional after the Olympics, and instead competed for four more years as an amateur.”
Opposite of to cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
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