What is the opposite of around?

Need antonyms for around? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of so as to face in the opposite direction
“Look ahead and you will see the beautiful sunset in the distance.”
Opposite of almost to the same level, amount or degree
“The illusionist counted precisely five coins in front of the audience before making them disappear.”
(a place, or object, also as preposition) Opposite of in every area or covering every aspect of
“There was nowhere to hide after he had backed himself into a corner.”
Opposite of from start to finish
“His long-winded speech just seemed to go on endlessly.”
Opposite of in, or towards, the opposite direction
“He felt light-hearted and elated, and proceeded straight to his friend's house.”
Opposite of in the opposite direction
“If you keep walking straight, you will not miss it.”
Opposite of everywhere throughout a given area or region
“Tequila comes from the state of Jalisco and is distilled from the juices of the blue agave, a cactus that only grows locally.”
(away) Opposite of at, or to, a place or time not far away
“The bear started to stir as I back away.”
(further) Opposite of at, or to, a place or time not far away
“If you could stand further from me, I would greatly appreciate it.”
Opposite of close by
Opposite of on every side of
“A makeshift hessian curtain hung down loosely over the mesh grid on one side of the box.”
Opposite of throughout the extent of (an area or space) within the given boundaries of
“Domestic photovoltaic systems are used only in households for lighting, water pumping, or low-power loads.”
Opposite of in the vicinity of
“I finish at 5.30 pm so I can meet you anytime after that.”
Opposite of within a section of
“We had found the walkway outside of the building with the sloping roof.”
Opposite of approximately or around the time of
Opposite of at, near or adjacent to
“The next service station is far from here.”
Opposite of indicating the location of a physical object beside a place or object
Opposite of dealing with the subject of
“The student would ignore library areas and books unrelated to the research topic.”
Opposite of for all of, or at any time within, a given time interval
“The twist did not catch on as a dance move prior to the late fifties.”
Opposite of existing at the present time
“I saw many dragons but they're all dead!”
Opposite of in preparation or progress
Opposite of continuing in existence, operation or use
“The accumulator system has been inactive for years, and for tramway purposes, displays little or no symptoms of resuscitation.”
Opposite of denotes a presence, or the existence of, activity
“The once bustling town is now completely empty.”
Opposite of capable of being obtained or used for the accomplishment of a purpose
“There is still a vast amount of information that's unavailable through academic research institutes.”
Opposite of currently in effect
“And with dawning horror, Sally realized that the flashlight's batteries were dead.”
Opposite of such as one may avail oneself of for meetings with other individuals
“She waited patiently while the doctor was busy in consultation with another patient.”
Opposite of close by and easy to get to
“The Osaka eastern magistrate had proposed that Makijiro be incarcerated until he became an adult, at which time he should be exiled to a remote island.”
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