What is another word for made?

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To have created or formed something
“The artist made an impressive urban sculpture using discarded automobile parts.”
To have caused someone to do something, usually against their inclinations
“My parents made me play the violin when I was younger even though I hated it.”
To have caused something to exist or come about
“You made a mess on your clean, white shirt because you were eating too fast.”
To have performed or produced a specified action or sound
“The lithe gymnast made a back handspring followed by a forward somersault.”
To have appointed a person to a position
“Due to his great leadership, the coach made him captain of the football team.”
(of something written or abstract) To have composed or drawn up
“I made a list of all the items we need to purchase when we go shopping.”
(of a mistake or error) To have committed or perpetrated
“I always learn from the mistakes I made in the past.”
To have gained or profited from financially
“Colonel Sanders made a lot of money selling chicken fried with his blend of secret herbs and spices.”
To have prepared food for eating
“Mother made sandwiches for us to eat during our fishing trips.”
To have enacted or established
“Congress made no law abridging free speech as per the First Amendment.”
To have constituted or amounted to
“You had the brains, I had the looks. Together we made a really good team.”
To have considered or estimated to be
“After the last incident, I made it six times that you had been caught lying!”
To have discerned from given information
“I was wondering what you made of his grandiose claims of having traveled all over the world?”
(of a decision) To have come to or arrived at
“You made a tough decision on which college to enroll in.”
(of a speech) To have delivered vocally
“The president made a speech to the United Nations General Assembly last week.”
To have performed a given function well
“You made a great mother due to your caring and loving nature with children.”
To have gained entry into a desired group
“He made the final three in the tournament.”
To have achieved a given rank, level or status
“He's got that ambition if you look in his eyes. Last week, he made operator of fries.”
To have managed to arrive at a specified time
“We traveled fast and we made our destination by sunset.”
To have managed to arrive in time for
“We hurried to the station and we made the earlier train.”
To have given the impression of being
“He made like a tree, and got out of there.”
To have headed straight towards a specified direction or object, usually at an accelerated speed
“The last remaining warriors of the vanquished army made straight for the hills in fear for their lives.”
To have indicated or suggested to be
“I didn't think his past transgressions necessarily made him a bad person.”
To have covered an expense
“We stuck to our budget, and we made our rent.”
To have formulated in one's mind
“We made plans for our future.”
To have held or organized an event
“We made a party for Ricky's 5th birthday.”
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